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    • Nick Kandola helped to set up Khalsa Aid with Ravi Singh back in 1999. They had a falling out. This guy seems to be bad news.
    • Puzzled, did you go to the school that current headteacher of Khalsa Primary  used to be headteacher for. That school used to exist. The headteacher's name is Raminder Vig and a lot of parents and students rated him.
    • sounds like she's the one with a black bf or she's a muslimah ish-stirring
    • “Carrying Out Physically Demanding Tasks With A Turban On Is Not Difficult, Especially If My Ancestors Could Go To War In Turbans. Simple Mission Objective Is Never Give Up” Pav Singh- SAS Who Dares Win. https://justsayithowitis.com/2020/06/04/carrying-out-physically-demanding-tasks-with-a-turban-on-is-not-difficult-especially-if-my-ancestors-could-go-to-war-in-turbans-simple-mission-objective-is-never-give-up/amp/
    • what ever he calls himself I've heard multiple versions of his name  which is one of the points brought up by parents during a meeting to discuss the pushing out of Mankamal Singh and his brother from the governor positions . It was pretty disgustimg how the trust and school invited us to have a meeting but he prefilled the hall with his gurdwara related cronies including a group of gym bods who had ZERO to do with kids at school at atam .  He had blocked Nishkam intially to win the bid to take over Stoke Poges school by fearmongering and saying that a nonsikh trust was trying to take over . At that point in time the school had a good rating and needed a little work on safeguarding regarding special needs pupils but years down the line it was still  not dealt with despite authorities such as Ofsted telling them it should be a priority . Even safeguarding was highlighted at Atam but that has been dealt with now (guess he was scared of losing the shiny new school) . Stoke as far as I can see was used as a cash cow . Now he is claiming that he being mistreated and that the Stoke school is in danger  of losing its sikhi , it's not he's just a liar. PLEASE NOTE: the ofsted inspection gave an outstanding rating to Atam Academy because of the hard work of Mankamal , his brother and the teaching staff it had zero to do with Nick or his cronies on the trust board , both trustee appointed were handselected by Nick to be yes persons . They made recommendations that the new governors had to be strong quality and able to speak up against the machinations of the board.
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