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    • after 12 yrs or so when luv and kush were with their father sita was called back to ayodhya to once again prove her purity for the 3rd time! sita refused to prove her innocence before the slandering people and asked the earth her mother to open up and take her in if she is pure and innocent, the earth then opened up and took sita in. basically she never got justice and had to die to be prove her innocence  this whole thing of people not getting justice in india obviously isn't a recent thing also women being abandoned and disowned because they are not pure or innocent has been happening in india since the beginning as well.  during partition when abducted sikh/hindu girls used to return home after escaping most their families used to turn them away to keep the families "honor"     same happened with sitas character     not much has changed has it  ............... Now I have decided that if Sītā can prove her innocence before this assembly, then I shall again accept her as the wife I dearly love.” Everyone fell silent and all eyes became fixed upon Sītā, who stood with her gaze lowered and her head bent slightly downward. After a short pause, Sītā said to the assembly, “O goddess of the earth, please hear my petition. If, since the time of my marriage, I ever thought of anyone but Rāma, or if I ever loved any man but Rāma, then refuse me shelter. However, if I have only dwelt in Rāma in thought, word and action, then please give me a place within you so I need not experience the shame of facing these slanderous people.” While Sītā spoke, the earth suddenly opened up, and from the crevice the goddess Bhūmi majestically rose up, seated upon a golden throne borne by divine serpents. The goddess welcomed Sītā, took her in her arms and seated her at her side on the throne. Then, while from the sky and from the earth, the demigods and ṛṣis, kings and common people looked on in astonishment, the celestial throne slowly descended into the bowels of the earth. There was an uproar as all beings uttered exclamations of wonder, praising Sītā for this glorious confirmation of her purity. From the heavens, the demigods rained down showers of flowers, and there was singing, dancing and playing of musical instruments. After Sītā disappeared from sight, tears welled up in Rāma’s eyes and anger flared within His mind. Rāma lowered His head and declared, “Earth, I order you to return Sītā immediately. Open up and bring her here so we may again be united. Sītā is your daughter, and I am your son-inlaw. Give Me Sītā without delay or I shall crush your mountains, burn your forests and smash you into atoms!” Valmiki Muni; Swami, Bhakti Vikasa. Ramayana — The Story of Lord Rama (p. 562). Bhakti Vikas Trust. Kindle Edition.      
    • lala la la, la lala langar! or words to that effect?🤔
    • You lazy bugger.  Next you will say.  Floating is better then swimming 😂
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