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    • There was the exact same discussion 5 years ago regarding this topic/thread. It was a Ghar Wapsi thread.  The sangat seems to go around in circles.  In some ways it is a political problem. If the system is corrupt I don't know how as a member of diaspora we can do anything about it. If there is vote bank politics entailed we are truly helpless.  The reality on the ground is that to curb this evangelism is to maybe have some alliance with RSS to chase these guys out of the state but at what cost? The only other possible feasible way is for the growing diaspora's NGO's is to increase the presence in Punjab to provide the medicals and schools etc.  We need to compete what the evangelists are provider and show we are the better option. If as a UK Sikhs we have influence over the diaspora and Punjab with silly hairdos and fashion sense, maybe we can turn that influence in other ways.  If we start to do more in helping with healthcare and schooling to stem the evangelists,  I wonder if Sikhs in Punjab may copy us and start to take initiative.  We have far more influence than we realise. I maybe being over-optimistic here. 
    • I'm coming around to the idea this is fantasy talk. I believed it for a fairly long time, but the more I look into how deep the rot has set, the more I'm beginning to believe the best thing to do is to step back and let the whole damn thing burn. Then rebuild. There's no saving anything, Dally. That's not defeatist. It's facing up to a grim reality without any Hollywood-esque infused dreams of good overcoming evil at the last moment. That kind rubbish doesn't happen on the ground. That's another ploy modern man has been conditioned into believing is the natural order of things. False hope. Call me black-pilled, whatever, but the sooner we face up to reality, and not some idealised, hazy dream of what we'd like to happen in a fantasy scenario, the less people will suffer when the opposition drops all pretence. The system is totally corrupt. There is no good Vs bad. There is only bad 1 Vs bad 2, the difference being bad 1 has convinced society it's actually heroic. Of course, we'll be long dead by then, but those with toddlers or yet to start a family, will need to prepare their loved ones for what's coming, that is if they can actually perceive the future.
    • Yeah, those types exist, but don't underplay the other side of the white coin. Those who have contempt for all nonwhites, and only see us as potentially useful pawns in any conflict abroad (which they seem constantly itching for). Those types are as, if not more dangerous to us than the type you mention. And they have a long history of flattering gullible, desperate and opportunist apnay to use them. This is going on here as we speak.  Once they fully twig that a helluva lot of us have greater aspirations for the panth than being mercenary attack dogs for their insidious neo-colonialist agenda, and will push our community away from this, they'll soon be showing us their true ugly face.  Yeah, we might have a fight on our hands, but if you're truly Sikh, you shouldn't be shyting yourself at this possibility (not saying you are personally doing this btw).  It is what it is. Our own freedom and opportunity to shape our destiny (which these people have hammered more than anyone else) is at stake.
    • No. He's inwardly relieved we've rounded on Christians instead of focusing our ire toward the insidious Pakistani rape and murder gangs. Anything to distract from those close to his heart. Plus, most people with an ounce of self awareness would refrain from the constant, decades-long condescending, "You people are so beneath me," attitude that's ingrained in his psyche, which diminishes even his positive contributions, but Jagsaw and self- awareness are two things that are as compatible as chalk and paneer.  
    • Would of been corrupt like any other of the royals today.  Plus it probably would of been kept in the family  so descendants of maharaja ranjit singh would of been maharaja  and hogged most of pubjabs wealth for themselves.   I think if a sikh empire were to come back then rather than a maharaja  maybe 5 pyare could be the heads 
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