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    • Be careful with this man; he will try and impose his view on you There have been rumors that he is/was with RSS - http://www.shastervidiya.org/nidar-finally-confirms-his-rss-links/ https://www.sikh24.com/2016/11/10/buddhal-dal-jathedar-honors-rss-preacher-who-claims-sikh-gurus-are-followers-of-hindu-gods/#.YAIYx-jYqM8 (kinda related)
    • There's a catch 22 in martial arts.  If you have the real thing. You can't just go show anyone and everyone...because it's lethal and sacred or special. So you stay gupt and your art dies. And many schools didn't want to tip their hand by showing anybody how they move.  If you do demonstrations you have to...sterilize your demo to only show so much.  If you try and attract followers with showmanship it becomes more about that and maybe you keep practitioners but then they're not doing the art exactly and your art dies.  There's a balance that's hard to keep.  I'm still open to the idea of Ghatka practitioners having something profound to offer but yes it's showy. But we might not be seeing the whole thing or talking to the right people about it.   
    • I've seen that, as time goes on, people are seeing gatka for what it really is, an exhibitionist art, nothing more. This is in no way shape or form the vidiya used by the Khalsa. Shastar Vidiya is our traditional Sikh/Khalsa/Kshatriya/Hindustani/Bharati battlefield art. Currently, only Nidar Singh Nihang teaches this, though there are a few old babas left who could attest to Nidar Singh ji's vidiya.
    • This is a very informative book I read that addresses your points and shows the signs of proper simran (Waheguru Jaap) and the opening of Dasam Duar to hear the Anhad Naad - http://discoversikhism.com/sikh_library/english/anhad_shabad_dasam_duar.html
    • I'm not a Shastar Vidya expert. I suggest you do that if you can find the real thing.  I can say Niddar Singh Nihang has something sincere to offer.  I added throat biting to my repetoire for example watching him.  If Sangat know of other well founded Shastar Vidya and Gutka teachers please share. 
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