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    • Detroit 1993 AKJ Smaagam videos recordings now up on SikhVibes  Please give us a SUBSCRIBE for more daily uploads not up elsewhere     
    • I hadn't thought about Baháʼí in a long time until someone mentioned them in passing in another thread. I met some 20 years ago briefly, I knew far less of Sikhi at the time, but they struck me then as being much like gnostics in their search for The Universal Truth of God in all things.  How would the Sangat here describe the Baháʼí faith and their relationship with Sikhi?
    • Bhai Nand Lal was a hindu but was well read in all the granths of his faith and the quran because he could read farsi and arabic . One day Aurangzeb wanted the arth given to him of some passage but was not satisfied with the arth explained simplisticly by the Qazi , so he cried out who can give the proper arth, Bhai Nand Lal explained the arth in such a way that it won over Aurangzeb's mind . When he enquired as to who this person was , he was informed he is a kuffar , so then Aurangzeb hatched the plan to have Bhai Nand Lal to be converted to islam . This is when Bhai Nand Lal ran to Guru ji's Sharan and yes he did becomme Khalsa too.
    • seems they mostly want to be able to do whatever the hell they want without repercussions , but what they fail to realise even more so than before the number of people able to look at your whole history at the price of a few keystrokes and they can destroy not just their peace but also that of their whole family . If you want a job with responsibility your boss will scour youe online life and social media  before seeing if you are worth considering  so it's not just loki , but you should have self-control and try to maintain an impeccable reputation , it's the same for guys . My husband's last workplace scoured my SM as well as his .
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