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    • What are you even talking about? Are you high? How is "Sikhi", an abstract noun, concerned with poster Redoptics?
    • If you need to reset your password, email me at singhvicky@yahoo.com and i will reset it to a temp one and email you back. 
    • Not to offend anyone,  but I want pray for my wife even if in her past life she done wrong,  but it Sikhi seems so obsessed with me , not condoning what the warriors did, just us  can you help me understand 
    • Kidsama, like name like aura? You are defending a kundalini yoga. These people have been blacklisted as not Sikh. *deleted*  
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      I will be honest, now that I have thought about it you guys ARE right - although you have not said it specifically I have the impression that obviously all these things listed are not going to better me and my wife as gursikhs. I think the wave of kaam seems to have passed from my body and feel like I can for once think logically. End of the day as Guru Teg Bahadur Ji says that having physical relations with your own wife - even daily is just but not to go to the bed of another even in a dream. So I suppose just being normal and in terms of intercourse is still enough to release the kaamic energy so is there any point of increasing that energy by adding all the things I listed. Surely I should be content from the typical manner of physical relations without ruining my own and wife's jivan. Sorry for typing what I am thinking. Anyway I appreciate you guys that helped a brother/son out I feel I have some form of control over kaam energy. Initially I felt like it was controlling me.  Yes thanks - I will. So on a closing note I have come to a decision and I hope Waheguru and you all will consider it correct according to Sikhi that no we shall refrain from such activities as listed but yes forgive me I am sorry I am still young in order to manage my kaam urges I will need to have physical relations with my wife on a daily/regular basis otherwise my mind goes off on a bloody kaam thought rampage because my body feels starved... tell me this is fine. As far as I am concerned our 9th Guru said it is fine so surely this can't be considered over-indulging? Also initially as I admitted me and my wife did exchange explicit messages do we need to go pesh? Apologies for being a pain in the arrse - still learning things about sikhi and marital life.
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