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    • It's going of be devastating, that's like 400 million people. So many people will be effected by this, farm labourers, cattle grazers, fish farmers, vegetable vendors, tribal communities, people who work in sugarcane mills and other agriculture related factories  etc   When the recent floods happened in Punjab with the Bhakra dam, the people who were most effected were the poor from villages who work as labourers on the farms, I was watching interviews and they were saying they have no money now because the farms are covered in water so the farmers are not employing them to work in their fields now.   
    • I am from a Hindu Punjabi family and I fully support the famers i even posted on my social media which i tend to avoid when it comes to political issues. Indian media has made its look like its Khalistan affiliated protest when its clearly not  . its famers all over India protesting against the bill. its important people do their own research into this matter rather then watching Indian news outlets which are heavily Pro Modi and right wing Hindu.  as for Punjabu Hindu not all are the same , many will back the famers  and sikhs in general sadly they are some that see Modi as thier god and will fully back him no matter what.As for UK Hindu Punjabi's well they dont really care and they not be aware of the issue.  Me: so what your take on the farmer Protest in India ? UK HP: "bruv i know nothding about da protest  or India man. all i know is that sidhu Mooswala track was sik man? Bruah I know my roots man. Me: emmm OK so your turning a blind eye to something that affects  your culture?e your motherland ? I dint thiink you know your roots?  UK HP: what you mean bruv? they can come to England init and work here . man wants to see some peng gyals from the pind come over here  you get me.     
    • The worrying thing is that millions of Indians probably believed that regardless of how ridiculous it sounded, they are so gullible, a bunch of sheep.  
    • Did a quick check. There is approximately just over 40 percent of workforce in India is involved in Agriculture. Compared to most western countries which is less than 5 percent.  The first order effect is impacted hundreds of millions of people's livelihoods.  The second order effect is the other industry sectors like distribution, wholesalers and finally retail. They will also be impacted. This "reform" will have massive repercussions.   
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