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Always be wary of Sikhs who take honours like obe's etc. They bang on about racism , inclusion and all that jazz...but it's just to elevate their egos, climb the ladders  and they can't run quick enough to Buckingham palace to get 'empire' added to their name and kneel before the establishment that spread that empire around the world . I find it disgusting...as Sikhs we only bow/kneel before one thing ...we are actually not allowed to bow before other false kings/queen's . Here's a solid bloke Benjamin Zephaniah, who makes this point about obe's better than I ever could . If it looks like a spoon, acts like a spoon...it's most probably a spoon 


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1 hour ago, puzzled said:


Everyone knows who these khusray are and what they do.

The issue is their version of Sikhi and how they represent it. 

They took a survey and 75% of their members support interfaith marriage, therefore City Sikhs reached the conclusion that interfaith anand karaj should be allowed. Why am I not surprised that an overwhelming number of their members support interfaith anand karaj ? 



They also advertise Sikh LGBT events on their website. Not sure if they have taken another survey to see if their members support LGBT Anand Karaj, if they have then it would've surprise me if 75% of their members support khusray having Anand Karaj. 



Nobody cares who they are or what they do, apart from fanboys who wish to be in the same rank as them. it's the Sikhi they are pushing which everyone has a problem with.

Unless you're a city Sikh yourself, or look like one (which you probably do) then I don't see why anyone would support these people. 

These are fair points but the language used here is hideous. You need to reign yourself in. 

I notice a lot of anti intellectualism behaviour in this forum. It's like being an uneducated violent simpleton is celebrated.

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