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Many people ask "100 Japji Sahibs per day!? Where the time for that?" According to Giani Takhur Singh, do 5 with purest concentration then 25 will automatically happen on its own,no matter where / wha yer doing (off by heart is a MUST)! Then 25 to 100!

BUT... I reiterated something now u know. So am here to mention, stick with one something and do it! If you have iccha to manage 100 Japji Sahibs, wake Amritvela n do ONE! Do it dead slow, like "Ik O-ankaar... Ik t k matlab hunda?" Or Hukam rjai chalna, Nanak Likhia naal. Hukam jani k command..." REPEAT these thoughts out loud! Extremely quickly you'll b doing 5 with purest concentration, accordimg to Giani Takhur Singh Ji.

I'd like to share my thing. My thing's not 100 Japji Sahibs, it's something entirely different. Long ago my friend told me "So n so jathe did 7 Baania, 2 Sukhmani Sahibs and 2.5 hours of meditation / Other Baanias!" I heard this in 2009 but did something about it in 2018! I guess this rehat touched my heart (a book will confirm the Jathas' rehat)!!! So since 2018 I been doing one Sukhmani Sahib and 1.5 hours Naam jap on top o 7 Baanis... It feels awesome! Concentration is a MUST and this Anandpurbic state will touch you in so many ways.

SO! Whatever rehat you hear, one will surely to your heart. Maybe it's "Do one Maala mool mantar with concentration. If u failed an iota of concentration, DO NOT turn the Maala!" Maybe it's"Do 7 Baanias and one Shabd Hazare" THIS REHAT! Can literally be ANYTHING. So, how do YOU know which Rehat is it? IT'S the one your mind keeps going back to. THAT rehat or discipline is for you! Maharaaj's calling out, pushing u into that Naam Jaap, whichever form it may b in. It can even b Seva at Gurudwara whilst reciting one prayer. Once you do it, Kirpa will happen. Also, following this Sangat, Simran and Seva across seven days is a good starting point! Or if u tried many things but feel like that wasn't for u, start on "That thing" on your mind and progress on it. Start by halving it (as what I been doing)... You want some of it, right?

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    • Back in the day many jananis didn't used to dance - my mum and her sister are terrible at dancing and when I was younger I would ask why they didn't dance like other ladies, and instead just stood there, did the mandatory clapping, and swiftly leave. I remember asking my Bibi about this too. According to them the "upper castes" did not engage in this behaviour; it was not permitted and seen as besharmi. However certain castes were permitted, and so dancers were hired I think? Can't remember. Ironic now though. You see women who are well past the age of wearing brightly coloured suits nach'ing and tapp'ing. Oh vi uchi jaat de. Weddings were so simple. Close family would go for Anand Kaaraj, everybody went back to the house, fed the baraat, sagan, bas. Hun pura drama hunda ah.
    • @puzzled Honestly in that situation it's our farj to say something. Nowadays people are overly sensitive but we should still say something...have to remain cool though and say it pyaar de naal.
    • The suggestive dancing has gone on for decades.  The first time I saw it, my jaw dropped. In Punjab nobody bats an eyelid.  Compared to Punjab, you will probably see more people in the UK going to Anand Karaj and that I'd probably because of the milni and tea at the Gurdwara whereas the milni and tea in Punjab is at the palace.  Never underestimate the lure of free food.  
    • the true history dheaan which now bewakoof people are encouraging to do in Punjab making it easier for their daughters to be attacked  

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