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Many people ask "100 Japji Sahibs per day!? Where the time for that?" According to Giani Takhur Singh, do 5 with purest concentration then 25 will automatically happen on its own,no matter where / wha yer doing (off by heart is a MUST)! Then 25 to 100!

BUT... I reiterated something now u know. So am here to mention, stick with one something and do it! If you have iccha to manage 100 Japji Sahibs, wake Amritvela n do ONE! Do it dead slow, like "Ik O-ankaar... Ik t k matlab hunda?" Or Hukam rjai chalna, Nanak Likhia naal. Hukam jani k command..." REPEAT these thoughts out loud! Extremely quickly you'll b doing 5 with purest concentration, accordimg to Giani Takhur Singh Ji.

I'd like to share my thing. My thing's not 100 Japji Sahibs, it's something entirely different. Long ago my friend told me "So n so jathe did 7 Baania, 2 Sukhmani Sahibs and 2.5 hours of meditation / Other Baanias!" I heard this in 2009 but did something about it in 2018! I guess this rehat touched my heart (a book will confirm the Jathas' rehat)!!! So since 2018 I been doing one Sukhmani Sahib and 1.5 hours Naam jap on top o 7 Baanis... It feels awesome! Concentration is a MUST and this Anandpurbic state will touch you in so many ways.

SO! Whatever rehat you hear, one will surely to your heart. Maybe it's "Do one Maala mool mantar with concentration. If u failed an iota of concentration, DO NOT turn the Maala!" Maybe it's"Do 7 Baanias and one Shabd Hazare" THIS REHAT! Can literally be ANYTHING. So, how do YOU know which Rehat is it? IT'S the one your mind keeps going back to. THAT rehat or discipline is for you! Maharaaj's calling out, pushing u into that Naam Jaap, whichever form it may b in. It can even b Seva at Gurudwara whilst reciting one prayer. Once you do it, Kirpa will happen. Also, following this Sangat, Simran and Seva across seven days is a good starting point! Or if u tried many things but feel like that wasn't for u, start on "That thing" on your mind and progress on it. Start by halving it (as what I been doing)... You want some of it, right?

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    • YES! valid points. Life is a thing which can pull people into good / bad stuff. Religion, friends, fam and society can be factors. I too went down a "Make a quick buck" routine a few years back as I considered myself in a "Hard" life. Of course no one was hurt, injured or robbed in the process.
    • Iv listened to it before  I think it's real     he starts reciting the Quran as well 
    • @mods I'm not sure if this violates the forum rules. Please feel free to remove/alter if required. This is not a promotional post and I'm not affiliated with stack exchange. I've just submitted a proposal to them. Satsriakal people! I've created a proposal at stack exchange( the largest question/answer website on the web, similar to quora) to start a sub site devoted to Sikhism where people can post questions and receive answers from others. I request everyone to please follow the site to keep it active so that it can be pushed to the next stage(beta)and isn't deleted.
      Please click "follow" at the below link: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/122932/sikhism Once the number of followers meet the minimum criteria, there will be a sub section on stack exchange devoted only to Sikhism, which I think will be a great thing. Let's give our best to make this proposal count. Since this is a new proposal, it also lacks sample questions. Please feel free to upvote the existing questions or add new ones related to Sikhism.
    • shes from a different community n anotha part of town. abt 15 yrs younger than the female elder as well. so y wud she be keepin their company? seems like she was either abandoned by her own for wateva reason n lost her way. maybe livin rough n desperate before bein targeted. or she knew the place well as a worker or regular customer n wanted a piece of the prize from wat wudve seemed a simple 'transaction'?
    • Sidh Gohst is a Sikh Prayer... (i hope u weren't being sarcastic)? Prayer came about when Guru Nanak Ji had an assembly (gohst) with Sidhs, hence the name Sidh Gohst. The prayer is like a Q&A session where Sidhs ask n Guru Ji answers... NOW! Who been telling me to stick t learning about Sidh Gohst?? 😔

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