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"Amritvela sach nao, widiyai weechar..."

SSA. Well it's been almost a few weeks since I heard a man of Wisdom state; if you want to reduce your sleep quota from 8 hours to 1.5 - 3 hours short, simply think of one thing just b4 sleeping. "This body isn't mine. My mind isn't me..." You can call this spiritual or psychological DOESN'T matter.

Not only did I apply this in my jeevan, but I tried a different tact. When in bed ready t sleep I thought "Mann we tera, dhann we tera..." BELIEVE IT or not... 3.30 - 4am not do I wake before my alarm goes off but my body and mind is full awake! Not an iota of laziness will remain. But this Wise man just gave me an idea I merely enhanced to make own agenda. Saturday - Sunday included, haven't missed Amritvela for my Nitnem n extra paat. Pre few months back was 5.45 wake up then woke at 8 - 9am weekends. But this spiritual / psychological idea? WORKS LIKE A CHARM!

Try it? Maybe it'll help u out too!?

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    • One thing I cant stand the thought of is a interfering mother in law.  If she's constantly invading my space and interfering    I'd tell her where to go    lol 
    • Bani clearly says in kalyug  which is the era where everything goes wrong that women will take lead,  this is just one of the characteristics on kalyug ,  men will become puppets. A man's downfall is when he becomes a slaves to his senses     that's when a man becomes weak   he loses his dharma.  Men should also keep secrets to themselves    sharing feelings and what's deep inside is also what weakens a man.    Media which is ran by feminists, gays and liberals have completely brainwashed men.  Every man should try to become the best man he can become       fck what media is saying     
    • Just last week down my road a Pakistani woman kicked her husband out of the house because she wanted him to put their sons name on his bank account. She herself doesnt work. The husband refused  and she kicked him out and said she ain't gonna let him back in till he agrees. His son then hit him on the face.   Growing up I always thought women were victims and men were the big bad ones   but now I'm older iv realized men and women are just bad as each other.  Men get angry quick and start abusing and hitting, while women are bad in a more sly plotting way.    
    • They already have started destroying the traditional family unit    just look at the UK.  Feminism is a good example of why women shouldn't take lead.  The sexual revolution movement in 60s in the west was led by women/feminists and since then there has been no looking back! It's just getting worse and worse     they started it.    Men can't even talk back at women or argue back in public because they will be called sexist     thats right where feminists want men to be      Women also do a lot of stirring in punjabi families    it's no secret   brothers fall out with each other all the time because their wives keep filling their ears.   Funny how brothers get on really well before marriage but then after marriage it all changes.  its all stated in kalki avatar and dasam bani     it's all coming true.   
    • One of the goals of feminism is to break up the family. The family is the glue that holds society together. Once you destroy that then society begins to unravel.

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