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Wakey Wakey

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"Amritvela sach nao, widiyai weechar..."

SSA. Well it's been almost a few weeks since I heard a man of Wisdom state; if you want to reduce your sleep quota from 8 hours to 1.5 - 3 hours short, simply think of one thing just b4 sleeping. "This body isn't mine. My mind isn't me..." You can call this spiritual or psychological DOESN'T matter.

Not only did I apply this in my jeevan, but I tried a different tact. When in bed ready t sleep I thought "Mann we tera, dhann we tera..." BELIEVE IT or not... 3.30 - 4am not do I wake before my alarm goes off but my body and mind is full awake! Not an iota of laziness will remain. But this Wise man just gave me an idea I merely enhanced to make own agenda. Saturday - Sunday included, haven't missed Amritvela for my Nitnem n extra paat. Pre few months back was 5.45 wake up then woke at 8 - 9am weekends. But this spiritual / psychological idea? WORKS LIKE A CHARM!

Try it? Maybe it'll help u out too!?

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