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    • Very good question. Let me re-listen to him one more time and I will be back with a swift answer to your query. Shan’t be long. 
    • When it comes to a lot of these old accounts of Sikhs doing all these things, you have to remember that simply because they did particular things in the past it doesn't mean it was the right thing! The past does not = right/perfect.  Sikhs in the old days were flawed just as Sikhs today are flawed. Look at bhai Joga Singh of Peshawar on his way from Peshawar to Anandpur Sahib to meet Guru Gobind Singh ji, he stopped at a brothel. So when reading these historical accounts you should take it with a pinch of salt. I mean, from 100, 150 years from now the Sikhs in the future would be looking at videos of us dancing and balancing alcohol bottles on our heads at weddings and getting drunk in clubs, and then Sikh women getting drunk and twerking against lamp posts while taking selfies with their tongues sticking out, and they will think  "oh, these jolly good old Sikhs of the past, proper Sikhs, did all that so it must be Ok to do it" We really romanticize the past, make them into saintly figures. Just how we talk about Sikhs of the past, in 150, 200 years time the future Sikhs be talking about us. 
    • I don't know about his credentials as a teacher but his part in the school management esp at British Sikh School was terrible. Cold and calculating.   I just hope that the same happens sometime at Wolverhampton school, and it is taken on by people with the same vision as the 2 partners who set it up.
    • @MuslimNeighbour Curious to see your opinion on this  
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