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    • Damaging cultural anti-Sikh practices such as foeticide, dowry, and casteism need to be eliminated. Don't destroy the colourful aspects of our collective character. I don't personally like dancing or any of that crap myself, but as you get older and you look at culture as a subject that informs a unique group's identity, you cannot, or at least shouldn't, eradicate harmless "rang-brang" under the auspices of religious autocracy. The problem arrives when things are indulged in to excess, and that's a problem for Sikhs, because we are prone to extremes. It's a flaw in our character.  I don't like this Sharia-esque mentality of khattar Sikhs. I'm one myself in certain respects but I know when to pull back and see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, the low-IQ hot-heads are unknowingly sowing the seeds for rebellion against their cause before they've even laid the first brick of the foundations of their movement. If you can't trace the evolution and subsequent stages of a scenario where this type of censorship will be rallied against by your own people who don't share your religious devotion, then you don't deserve what you're aiming for. Open a history book. History is littered with such examples. Wake up and focus on REAL problems facing Sikhs; that require intelligence and tenacity to tackle, not superfluous, easy side issues that don't matter.
    • They do it by controlling their breathing. There’s breathing techniques which can  make body produce huge amount of heat (or even cold).  I find it quite interesting though. Why do sadhus/yogis do their meditation in cold places like mountains with snow and not hot deserts? I think it’s to do with heat. During serious meditation enormous heat gets produced. When such heat is radiating from body a cold external environment probably helps them transfer heat away to stay cool. But anyway this is hatt yog marag. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji gave us shabad surat marag which is easier way to connect with god: ~ Gaaveeai Suneeai Man Rakheeai Bhaao ||
    • Try using moustache wax. But you do get used it. It’s part of being a Singh as @Jai Tegang! rightly said. It gives an excuse to visit washroom to quickly clean your dhari and also rinse your mouth which so few people bother with after eating!
    • As someone who works in social media and cyber security, I suspect not censorship, but a safety protocol got triggered. Reported content gets reviewed by actual people and it can be days before it’s reviewed. If many reports are submitted within short period linking to one hashtag it could be something very sinister, especially if the reports are for graphic violence or death. You know how mass shootings and violence have been live streamed on FB? No chances are taken for it to happen again. Algorithms and AI detect and block anything receiving multiple instances of serious category reporting immediately and flag it for urgent review by staff. People have obviously reported some #Sikh content. It could be a group of anti sikh trolls reporting multiple posts - trying to suppress our voices, again! Of course they failed, #Sikh became visible again rather quickly
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