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I am completely amazed at Sri Sarbloh Granth Ji!

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Please listen to katha of Sarbloh Granth by Gurwinder Singh nangli at YouTube channel Sri sarbloh tv.

It is an amazing granth and it's sad that today's panth does very less paath of this amazing gurbani.

Damdami Taksal itihaas mentions Baba Banda Singh Bahadar doing seva of writing Sarbloh Granth birs. 

Shaheed Baba Gurbaksh Singh had a Sarbloh Granth bir of his own which was lost in early 20th century.

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True. At first I did not know much about Sarbloh Granth. But after reading some of it, I've come to realize it is truly an amazing Granth. Just wish Bhai Gurwinder Singh Nangli ji would do Katha faster like how Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale ji did who would do Katha of an entire Ang in less than an hour. But rare are such Kathakars. Now everyone spends an entire hour doing Katha on just one Shabad. 


Giani Sher Singh ji is an exception though. He does Katha the traditional way. Most of todays Kathakars have become lecturers rather than Kathakars.


Sorry for going off topic.

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