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What shabad when you see no support , or have anyone

Guest Trooper

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I'm in the same boat as you at the moment, noone is really there for me. You need to excercise, work, eat healthy, take care of yourself and do your naam jaap, from 12:30am onwards each morning.

Ask God for guidance on living your best life, and move forward. Enjoy your life and reject all negativities and negative forms. See God as all people, places and things.


Talk to Him, he hears every single prayer we make, no matter how quiet.

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Many shabads of this nature in gurbani. A few which come to mind 

- Choupai sahib

- ja ko mushkal att baenai tahoi koi na deh

- thir ghar bai-so har jan piyaare

- nal naeriaan merai jamdoot na avai nerai

- sajanara mera sajanara nikat kahloria mera sajanra

- waheguru mantar / mool mantar

you’ll find many other shabads also by reading through  gurbani 

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