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    • https://gaudiyahistory.iskcondesiretree.com/guru-nanaks-meeting-with-sri-chaitanya-mahaprabu/
    • where and who are these teachers? Shastar vidiya is completely different from karate, from the footwork, stance, punching etc... a neutral sikh warrior, what is that? a sikh warrior should read dasam bani   Surely most other gatka ustads show hunkaar as they have no lineage and nothing to measure their skills against? Just found this thread, they ended the thread because nobody could come up with an answer. I assume the sikhsangat admins now are more mature than the silly admins back then who would just close topics which didn't fit their mindset!    
    • Do you know of any other teachers of Shastar Vidiya? If so, would you kindly share here ji? And which "money first" attitude are you referring to? Since the Akhara has become more established, and the services provided by the Akhara (Gurdev ji travelling worldwide, publishing of books, interviews/seminars etc.), there will of course be a monetary element involved to sustain such ventures. And there is nothing wrong with this. Are you taking in to account the students he teaches for free because they can't afford lessons? Or more to the point, do you even know about this? I think not. I myself back in the day would train with students who trained for free. On to your final point. Full of hankaar. Based on what? Every individual has their own temperament. And I for one do not have a "universal metre stick" which I use to measure everyone's avgun and judge whether or not they can teach the Vidiya. Have all your teachers been brahmgyanis? The mother is the first teacher of the children. You have children. Should one then assert that you are unworthy of teaching your children because you are "full of hankaar" (hypothetically speaking of course)? Please, let us not split hairs with this. Time and time again over the years I hear the same thing with regards to Gurdev Nidar Singh Ji. Your grievances with him have nothing to do with the Vidiya, but with his ideology (which is not entirely different if you go through it properly). And again, it goes back to the same point. Gatka is an exhibitionist art, nothing more. Shastar Vidiya is the real deal.
    • Well said bro. Reality of the situation is the sangat will always have differing opinions. From time to time we get trolls, confused ppl or simply ppl with too much time on their hands, and we have to deal with these in varying ways. Opening numerous threads with pointless questions can be annoying. Maybe some of these ppl need to be put on like a 2 week ban so they can find something more productive to do.  I know sometimes it's annoying and no one wants to be taken for a fool. But theres alot who will have genuine questions or are reading posts so think what impression it gives to others. People have to stop being so serious and just chill a bit too. All the different sampradai have numerous differences but instead  of full focus on divisions, collectively as sangat we should focus on what unites us. Yes we should be open enough to talk about the differences too but not get distracted from what our actual purpose in life is.  Alot of young ppl on here (but goes for the elders too) seem to get defensive  or take things personal (me included).  Equally some ppl push a particular ideology and get too passionate  when another view is given.  Theres so many ppl on here who also are able to stay above all the chaos.   
    • @GurjantGnostic @singhsince1981 Why you guys arguing,whatever happened that made both of you argue,forget it and stop arguing.We are all Sangat here, we are all helping each other to grow and learn from each other.We should not be arguing. Bhul Chuk Maf 🙏
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