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    • check the thread i posted on about pro-islam sikh's they need to be aware of the agenda of the muslim extremists who target low IQ or impressionable/ vulnerable non-muslims for conversion in order to further their agenda.
    • All i can say is thank God for Sikhi lol But I'd say each to their own if literalist hindu's wonna indulge in that crazy stuff good luck to them same with literalist muslims do your thing guys but don't involve us lot to be involved in your mad rituals and group thinking haha
    • So i came across this documentary type video on youtube quite interesting information I hadn't know before.  
    • reminds me of what sikhs faced in 1984 delhi but on a very very very small scale. in 1984 Sikhs faced a huge genocide that the world turned its eyes away from and still no community has helped to get justice the indian muslims in delhi at the time were taking part in the mass murdered of innocent sikh civilians. However Its unfortunate that a masjid was targeted by the hindu mobs recently. No place of worship should be targeted nor any innocents. The muslims and hindus have historical beef and their ideologies teach them something very different to Sikhi. So as for the hindu/muslim riots well it was expected seeing how it was all going....... the indian muslims are protesting and agitating for nothing and they actually in es sense protesting against the rights of foreign born hindu,sikh,christian and buddhist minorities living in india that have been persecuted by the muslim majority so they had fled to india for safety from Islamic persecution. The act that India passed was to ensure these non-muslim minorities were given a safe haven within india. Muslims have 50 countries to their name if anyone feels persecuted in any country they can freely seek refugee in that huge number of muslim countries. The Sikh position should be that we stay out of this mess we have some few low IQ sikh brothers joining the protests to show their leftist creditianals not realising that these muslims never stood with sikhs when sikhs protested against injustices in 1980s. Instead the indian muslims actually were the majority of congress mobs and joined in with bajrang dal to murdered and rape sikh civilians with over 5000 dead within 3 days. Lets not forget this and lets remind our low IQ sikh brothers of the facts not to forget what haappened in 1947 for sikhs having to come to india cos of the muslim demand to split punjab up on basis of islamic homeland seperate from non-muslims.
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