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    • The problem is when you buy into a cult of personality (Modi, Trump, Obama, etc), you have to basically lie to yourself -- if you're a weak and disingenuous person -- in order to continue championing "your guy" when he does something that is contrary to his public rhetoric, as a face saving tactic so that the other side doesn't get in with their criticism.  That's the dialectic "they've" manufactured and perfected so that even moderately intelligent people feel compelled to pick a side in order to placate their conscience for reasons of either "protesting the tyrant" or "defending the plucky people's champion" when in reality the leaders or politicians in question belong to neither camp, and are actually committed to an entirely different cause. As I said, even somewhat smart people in the West are drawn into this childish game, so we can only imagine how easy it is to get low IQ Modi supporters rattled up, ready to defend and fight for their guy and his ideology. It's fascinating and depressing in equal measures, lol.
    • 5 in the morning, 1 evening, 1 before bed.  This is minimum 
    • It depends on what 5 Pyarey told you to do. They told me 5 Banis in the morning, 1 in the evening and 1 before going to bed.    
    • Modi in theory should what's best for India. The issue here is that he is beholden to various lobbies like the large Indian corporates and Oligarchs like Ambani.  Ambani's interests do not lie in what is best for India's interests but to himself and his shareholders and to the globalist elites that he is probably a member of. India's has banned a lot of Chinese apps because they do not want their population to be subverted by Chinese interests.  However, that does not mean that india does not do business on the sly with China behind everybody's backs. The likes of Ambani will still do business covertly even if overtly China is adversarial.  That is why it's important to watch what they do, not what they say.
    • The Indian media would have to spin that to an incredible degree, to make it seem as if Modi has a plan that ultimately benefits India even when dealing with a geopolitical adversary such as China, especially since what happened between the two sides a few months ago as well as the ongoing propaganda war between the two.  
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