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Questions about Bana. Honest Answers plz.

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Is Kurta Pajama Bana? 

In cold weather do you wear anything over Bana (like a jacket or something) ?  I live in CA so it's not very cold.. Would it be appropriate to wear western clothing over Bana? 

What shoe should I wear? Punjabi Jutti? 

Under Kurta do you wear a banyan (undershirt)? If so what type. 

I understand that Guru ji wants his sikhs to present themselves like Royalty and with Grace, so (assuming Kurta Pajama is Bana) attire should be well fitting and stylish right? 

Is there a restriction to certain colors only? 


Also what are your opinions on western clothing wore by a Singh like in the picture. Can it be done right? Or is Bana always superior? 

Btw, I am not a amritdhari sikh. Just genuinely asking. Thanks. 


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I think nothing is allowed under kachhera in a bana.. Your kachhera can be knee length 

but you should not cover your kachhera in a baana . A long chola (uptil knee length or a little lower) and a kachhera under it is baana .


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