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colonel Steinbach on sikh diet in 1846!

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On 1/20/2020 at 2:40 AM, shastarSingh said:

colonel Steinbach wrote a book in 1846 which can be downloaded at above link. He wrote about the sikh diet in the book.

What's your deal, bro?

You seem to like to post a whole bunch of quotations from various sources without any sort of context.

OK, so Col. Steinbach wrote a book. What's your point? What do you make of it?

Are you saying that because Steinbach wrote a sentence regarding some things he saw, that applies uniformly to all Sikhs? Secondly, are you making a religious point about Sikhs and meat? If so, state it explicitly.

Thanks for the link to the book, though. Very interesting.

Also regarding the fact that Maharaja Ranjit SIngh was a profligate drinker, again, what are you trying to prove? That Sikhs should be drunk out of their minds?

You do realize that the Sikh kingdom was totally destroyed, and the foundations for its destruction were laid during the Maharaja's time because he failed to set things up like he should have. Does that have anything to do with being a drunkard?

Perhaps you ended up proving the exact opposite of your intended point.

Thanks for that.

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just because a goray wrote something doesn't make it true Ernest Trump wrote Guru ji was repetitive , irrelevant and not worth reading , that It is NOT divinely sourced , did that make the A right and Sikhi wrong. The whole machine of British invasion was designed to trash every aspect of Sikh kingdoms life, political and administrative might , truth was it was reknowned worldwide as being the most rich kingdom with peaceful, effective administration with protections against famine , illiteracy, inumeracyfor every citizen, religious harmony and tolerance .

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On 1/20/2020 at 9:53 PM, S1ngh said:

Same as today any writer can write about general majority of Sikhs being non-turbaned, drinking or some smoking. 100 years later we cannot simply believe that they were the actual Sikh. Just like in past there were actual Sikhs who followed guru path and some who were on and off that path with their weakness. Maharaja Ranjit is the perfect example of a Sikh who was not a Sikh in our guru eyes with his lifestyle. 


100% true

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When you read these old books written by white european colonalists in punjab you see the true racial bias, hatred they have and not forgetting the jealousy they had of the Sikh and punjabi natives who created a mighty empire and army to rival any european white nation of the day. You then realise the invasion and conquest of Sikh punjabi empire aswell as other non-white lands around the globe was done on a racial superiority complex basis to prove that they have the right to rule over the non-white indigousness natives because of their conquest over them (similar mentality of the muslims). It's only since ww2 with rise and defeat of nazi far right Aryan fascism and rise of the left in politics that these views once openly expressed decades ago are more underground and covert.

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35 minutes ago, S1ngh said:

Wow... This is pure hatred. 

probably talking of the nihungs and akali's who were the fiercest warriors not yet willing to submit to foreign racist white british rule over them and their lands even after both anglo-sikh wars had concluded in defeat of sarkar-e-khalsa.

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    • To me it is total weakness. Great to hear that girls in your family were brought up well but what about those who weren't and got caught up in western bullsh!t? People make mistakes and if it's possible to assist I would do it just because forced prostitution and trafficking sickens me to the core.
    • Bro its not weakness its just the logical response. We are able to do action that is instilling our sisters with proper values, if your not their for your daughter sister growing up imprinting our religion and moral values from an early age they will either get into gora/western culture where dating is the norm or influence by bhangra or bollywood culture. I have older sisters and none of them dated or went to clubs  and now one of them got married. This was due to my parents instilling proper values in them.  It also helped tht my cousins would keep wathcful eye on them during there school time.  and in regards to not being able to do anything about it i'm more then capable of confronting any guy tht would trie this on my sisters 
    • Precisely brother. It encourages them to carry on and target other stupid or vulnerable Sikh girls. Looking at it from a very realistic perspective, realizing our lack of muscle and representation in the Pak underworld,  for those girls already in that hellhole, I would assume after some years of non stop abuse and after a certain age their value goes down and are not that much in demand, do you think an arrangement could be made to buy the girls from their pimps and get them out of there asap? Using force would be futile and could backfire on the girls, but everyone loves money and an arrangement could be possible. First step would be an expeditionary team going on the ground doing a few months of research trying to locate these girls, unofficially, masquerading as businessmen looking for a good time etc. No contact should be made with Government officials as they would sabotage the whole effort to deny that such a thing even exists.
    • I don't blame you guys but this is usually the response you get from people who are unable to do anything even if they wanted to and cover up their weakness with statements like these. It's a semi face saving response to cover up the shame they feel from their inability to do anything at all about the current situation so they can carry on their life as normal without that burden on their mind. I agree, some girls are total b!tches, because of kaam and ahankar they got tricked, never listen and learn it the hard way when it's too late, but should we who claim to be Sikhs of the Gurus just ignore their suffering and hellish existence when they are desperately reaching out for help? People make mistakes,people change and regret past actions, who knows these girls could be daily praying to Waheguru to save them from this hell they have gotten themselves into. If not on a racial or religious perspective at least think about them on a humanitarian perspective.    
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