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Quick S.W.O.T analysis of the Sikh community


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53 minutes ago, MisterrSingh said:

Define "clued on." My instinct says this will make their children and successive generations more susceptible - and at a greater speed -- to the issues that took decades to creep into the mentality of those who were born and raised in the UK from the 50s to the 80s.

From my experience, the new arrivals in the UK who have settled here via places like Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, etc., are certainly as you've described them, and in a way I admire their fearlessness to a certain degree, because they've hit the ground running in a society that has very little of the social issues that our elders had to contend with when they arrived on these shores. But because of the relative ease with which they've adapted to these western countries, there also comes complacency. And that complacency will manifest itself in the attitudes and the conduct of their children in the coming years and decades. 

What needs to be noted is the original culture and the land from which they've arrived. The Punjab of today, as you mentioned, is virtually unrecognisable in terms of the values and principles it indirectly imparts to its people. Today's Punjabis are craven materialists; globalists and unfettered consumers in spirit and conduct before they've eaten set foot on foreign soil. Those values are not being reassessed or analysed as potential problems down the road. 

I was not able to articulate fully as I was in a rush.

"Clued on" as in the because of the advent of the Internet and cable/satellite TV, the newer generations are more aware of western cultures and norms.

The older generations were not always aware of what the full extent of western culture so therefore the culture shock was higher. 

Because of the advent of technology,  these newer generation communicate at greater speeds and learn all the loop holes of what needs to be done to become permanent in whatever country they want to settle in.

If you have ever sat with freshies and listen to their conversations,  they seem to be centre around which country Bittu moved to and what kind of visa he is on and how long it will take him to become pakka. They understand the system. 

Then they proceed to talk about how they cannot understand how Pakistanis bring their relatives with ease.

My jaw just dropped. The irony does not even dawn with them.

These guys never seem to have a normal conversation. I would love to see these guys have a conversation about somwthing other than who was made "pakkah"

When our parents were over many decades ago, to communicate with Punjab you wrote a letter on one of those blue par avion paper which you folded up into an envelope and it took several weeks to arrive at it's destination. People were more cut off and isolated. 

Now Bittu in the UK who came over on a student visa is chatting on the latest iPhone to his mate Manga who is in Melbourne Australia on a student visa who is really driving cabs whilst his cousin tries to video call him from Toronto (who also came over on a student visa).

I guarantee one thing, none of them are studying.

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