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Pre-partition Punjab map


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interesting stuff    maps showing different religions just before partition. We are lucky we got what we got! most of majha and doba was muslim majority at the time! even in amritsar and tarn taran the sikh/hindu combined population was just about higher than the muslim population.  if it wasnt for amritsar and tarn taran having less muslims, perhaps the whole of majha and doaba would of gone to pakistan?  Amritsar/tarn taran were like a hindu/sikh enclave surrounded  by muslim majority areas. I think hadn't it been for amritsar half of present day east punjab would of been in pakistan. 

malwa on the other hand was the sikh strong hold with sikhs making majority of the population in most areas of malwa, with hindus making the biggest population in ludhiana, moga, mukhtsar etc   

judging by these maps a lot more muslims were left on the wrong side of the border than Sikhs/hindus were     

how did sikhi spread like that in malwa?  i know that Guru Gobind Singhji spent a lot of time there ...  




Punjab 1941



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15 minutes ago, Harditsingh said:

Could some sikhs from these areas have Muslim ancestors? I ask this because I am always being mistaken for being a middle eastern by not only punjabis but middle easterners themselves. I am from doaba area maybe during partition one of my ancestors were Muslims ? Is this possible 

Could be,  I'm from doaba too and always used to be mistaken for a muslim,  I got so fed up of it that it was one of the reasons why  I stopped cutting my hair lol        

It was worse because even punjabis used to think I was a muslim,  it actually depressed me!  

There must be some link ...

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Amritsar accent is different to Doaba and Ludhiana.

We are lucky to have Amritsar in India. But it had greater significance before partition. Now it just lies by the Wagha border. Lahore is the second city in Pakistan.

Malwa produced a lot of Sikh saints hence a Sikhi spread there. Two examples are Nanaksar and Bhindran Jatha (Damdami Taksal).

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