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    • A couple months back I was at a grocery store in Delhi. The guy at the counter seemed to be a bhaiiya but was trying to speak Punjabi with me since I'm visibly a Sikh. He wasn't too bad at it but you could clearly guess that Punjabi was not his mother tongue. I was responding to him in Punjabi as well. Meanwhile, some auntie in her 40s who was clearly not Sikh (could be Hindu) was overhearing and interrupted him and said why are you speaking Punjabi when you can't. The guy was in his own zone and didn't care for the lady lol. I could feel the hidden contempt in her voice towards the Punjabi language. I'm pretty sure the guy had just watched some Punjabi movie or had been listening to Punjabi songs.
    • Punjabi culture may have had some good aspect because it was based off Sikhi teachings say 50 years ago. To say the erosion had not set in even then is an understatement. punjabi culture is evolving and it is completely unrecognizable from where it started. There is no platform to hold it from changing. Take the example of a punjabi women covering her head because it's a sign of respect to God and demonstrate the integrity of the family. Today this concept is completely lost in punjabi culture. The women are not even aware such a practice existed. This virtues teaching has been replaced with flaunting the hair with various designs to express the individual personality and draw attention from others; not to mention to attract the opposite gender. There is no actual true identity for punjabi culture. Today it's what you see in punjabi movies because that's what the punjabi youth are following and tomorrow it will change as well. The colors of punjabi culture are based on flaunting your wealth and sexual appeal today. The way the punjabis carry themselves is a small difference than the whites of the west. All these changes are not harmless. They have completely left self respect behind among punjabi men and women. Punjabi culture held the women of the household as their integrity. Today the punjabi women are giving this integrity away on dance floors, in hotel bathrooms, clubs and beaches. Had a punjabi women even batted an eye at a man or vice versa all hell would have broken loose. Not today, some punjabis, started with the urban parents, encouraged dating to their daughters or allowed it by being silent as it was flaunted in the house. Alcoholism goes hand in glove with this so called harmless colors. The newer generation have left female foeticide and dowry behind, but not foeticide because when punjabi women have multiple partners. They are bound to make mistakes. But what did they take up in place of it. A drunk wife and wasting there parents money on lavish weddings and purchases. Give up two wrong things and take up another two. This is not improvement by any standards. Drunk men and women, prime reason to live is accumulate wealth, and open display of sexual appeal. These are the main problems facing the Sikhs today. Bhangra has aggravated all these issues and is driving punjabis further into the pit of hell. Bhangra created today's youth. All the hall parties blasted bhangra music and decade by decade the tunes became more lustful, and egotistical. The bhangra parties gave the punjabi youth a venue where they can mingle with the opposite gender and destroy the punjabi family integrity. This is no secret but punjabis will deny it because that's what they are good.  Chamkila had already started the trend for lustful music for the older generations.   So the effect of bhangra was already seen.  But like a good slave, let's ignore this and continue down the path to say its harmless colors. If anyone is serious about reviving punjabi culture. Than Sikhi teachings have to be implemented. And this means getting rid of bhangra; the vehicle that started this mess. Alcohol plays a key role in this as well. And it's not about banning bhangra. It starts by recognizing the damage this so called harmless color has done to the punjabi people. Have you seen the punjabi women puking because they are so drunk at bhangra parties? Ever heard about letting multiple guys make a train out of her because she is so drugged up she doesn't even know what she is doing. What about punjabi parties where the guys and girls are all on drugs and nude photos of them are being passed around? On the ground level all this is happening and some clueless people are calling it harmless colors.  
    • What we are essentially missing is the fact that Bollywood and Indian TV is created for the masses who consist of low income daily wagers who want to escape their daily realities hence why the over the top sequences and repeated images to make a point. The writers of these serials and movies tend to be males and have no understanding of female perspectives. This is why probably every Bollywood movie has a rape scene and the female characters are portrayed as in the first instance hating the hero and then when he pays some ruffians to fake an attack or rape attempt against the female and he rescues her, she falls instantly in love with him! Can you imagine how traumatised a female would be from such an attack and in the real life would need counselling but in Bollywood Bullshyt land she's happily singing and dancing a few seconds later! 
    • Please create account. Such posts do not need the user to be anonymous ji. This way - no waiting
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