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    • Depends on how they put the squeeze on people who refuse the vaccine. They can say, "It's optional," but if they won't let you do the weekly shop and go to work unless you've been vaccinated, then it's not much of a choice, is it?  Personally, I'll delay it as much as possible, and see if there's any adverse reactions to it in those who've taken it when it launches. Cynical, yes, but I'm not being a hero. But this whole thing stinks.  They want this 5hit in our bloodstream for some reason, and I wish I knew what the endgame is.
    • Everyone having it or not? @jkvlondon ?
    • Hi,   Dear poster may you please post Gurbani on Sri Chand and Bhai Gurdas ji vaaran on Sri Chand.  Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji Bhindranwale believes Gurbani and Bhai Gurdas ji vaaran present an accurate description of Sri chand. Thanks.  Also can you post the audio recording of Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji katha of Gurbani and bhai Gurdas ji vaaran on Sri Chand. Once again thanks.  
    • Crocodile tears.  I assumed you were affiliated with fake baba balbir because of your display pic and username.   In the past I have been labeled as a nihang because of my username.   I simply told the person I am not and that was the end of it.  Its an honest mistake. You on the other hand told me to caaaalm down as my reaction to fake baba balbir sinh statement that his goons will go and take back delhi to destroy the farmers peaceful protest was an overreaction.  And you mention nothing of not knowing who fake baba balbir sinh is in that post.  At this point the gloves were off.  You took at dig at me and wrecklessly didn't understand the magnitude of the fudu baba statement. Due to this you got a well deserved response back.  Only in your second post did you mention not knowing who the fudu baba was.  Also there was a lot of editing post happening on your end so really can't say when exactly you said you didn't know who the fudu baba is.  In the future dont make digs at others and expect the other person will sit back.  
    • I'm fine with being labeled as a baboon and an illiterate. I'm the biggest fool in the world and a mere worm. However, everyone witnessed the bs you managed you produce out of a innocent repost just informing the sangat about what the Nihangs released. Anyways, it is what it is. 
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