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The Times 1841 Maharani Chand Kaur

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nice little bit of history, The Times 1841 mentions Maharani Chand Kaur becoming the queen.    Chand Kaur was the wife of Maharaja Kharak Singh. A few hours after Kharak Singh died their son Nau Nihal Singh, next in line to become Maharaja also died. The whole thing most likely was a planned murder, Kharak Singh was poisoned while Nau Nihal Singh was murdered. It most likely was planned by the dogras, other families that opposed Ranjit Singh and probabaly some of Maharaja Sher Singhs men as well.  Soon after Nau Nihal Singh died Sher Singh proclaimed himself Maharaja, Chand Kaur the widow of Kharak Singh and mother Nau Nihal Singh challenged Sher Singh with the claim that her dead son Nau Nihal Singhs wife Sahib Kaur is expecting a baby and till the baby is not born she will sit on the throne, therefore Maharani Chand Kaur sat on the throne in Lahore. Brave woman for standing up to the giants of the Sikh empire! She also managed to get a big % of the Sikh army on her side.  Tragically when Sahib Kaur did give birth it was a still born baby. Maharaja Sher Singh then did not wait any longer when he heard of the still birth and marched with his troops towards Lahore fort. Chand Kaur refused to give up her title and the city broke into civil war. Massive parts of the city were blown up and the number of casualties was very high. Eventually Chand Kaur and her forces had no choice but to surrender and leave Lahore fort. Sher Singh then became Maharaja.

Chand Kaur then retired and started living in her sons haveli in Lahore but was still seen as a threat and was beaten to death in the haveli. 

The Times 1841 mentioning Chand Kaur becoming queen.


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    • Yeah, specific antibodies are what your body produces to combat specific pathogens once it has learnt to identify (usually through recognising antigen structures on the pathogen surface) and destroy them. Once it goes through the process, the immunological system  remmebrs the encounter and is able to rapidly reproduce the antibodies if reinfected in future, giving you minor or no symptoms this time. So if we have the antibodies floating around in our plasma, that means we've already been infected, and that the body has learnt to defend itself.  How comes so called 'advanced' England is still running around for these tests when others produced them rapidly?  What's that saying? 
    • I've checked the speeches and the only one that comes close to what you wrote is transcribed in the book Struggle for Justice which contains speeches and statements of Sant Bhindranwale.  On page 296 -297 of the book    CAMPAIGN OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION AGAINST ME  These stories about throwing bombs in temples are fabrications to malign the [Sikh] Nation. Thara Singh is sitting here behind Sant Ji. From among our Jatha, he was [supposed to be] the big robber. The Government arrested him. They said he is a bad character. What had this bad man done? He had a gurdwara built in Gurdaspur [jail] as well as a temple. She says that Bhindranwala destroys temples, that he does not like temples and wishes to destroy them, that he kills Hindus. Responsible persons who are associated with the Jatha go there and build temples. You can figure out yourselves whether I am in favor of destroying temples or of keeping them. Our Father sacrificed his entire family for the sake of [Hindu] temples and she gives help to people who destroy gurdwaras; the followers of human gurus and of hypocrites. On top of it she blames Sikhs that' they make trouble. If they make trouble, sit at! a table and clear up the accounts. Sikhs have given ninety-three heads. Give us land for the ninety-three heads and give them [the Hindus] land proportionate to the seven38 they have provided. You can take what is your* share for the seven heads. This will be a fair split. Such total falsehood! We have fto protect ourselves from this false propaganda. This brother installed an idol worth six thousand rupees at that place. I asked him: "Why did you install this idol." He said: "There were two or three Hindus in jail for minor crimes like petty theft and larceny. They started crying." They said: "Baba Ji, get us an idol installed here." I said that if he had spent the six thousand to buy a .303 [rifle] it might have been some use. In any case, Khalsa Ji, this man is soft of heart. His concern has always been to build gurdwaras. He went there and had one built. If we build gurdwaras, build temples, we are still extremists. If we lay down our lives for [the protection of] temples, we are extremists. If we spend six thousand rupees of our own to install an idol in a temple, even then we are extremists. Now you have to consider what we have to do.    This relates to an incident where Baba Thara Singh a well know member of Santji's jatha was in jail in Gurdaspur and on feeling sorry for some Hindus who asked for his help he (Baba Thara Singh) installed an idol worth Rs6,000 for these Hindus. It is quite relevant that Santji then states that had Baba Thara Singh bought a rifle instead with the money then this would have been of SOME USE but because Baba Thara Singh has a soft heart.  So if this is the story that you viewed on youtube then you have totally subverted the message that Santji was giving by narrating this story. You have made the claim that Santji had built a Mandir when the story was exactly opposite to what you stated. Santji even said that buying a rifle is better than building a Mandir.     
    • A heritage centre centre celebrating Sikh history and culture is to be built at the site of a Wolverhampton temple. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2020/04/07/wolverhampton-temples-heritage-centre-proposal-approved/
    • The unit, a kind of a disinfection chamber, uses soap and sanitiser to disinfect those entering the hospital. The first such sanitisation took place today.   https://www.ndtv.com/delhi-news/coronavirus-pandemic-aiims-delhi-installs-tunnel-that-sprays-disinfectant-as-you-walk-2208152
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