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Many new digitally printed, or otherwise, Gurbani or Gurbani related books, these days tend to have just plain white edges.

so, to add a touch of colour, I decided to do some diy marbling. The photo shows the Granths after the marbling with ink...



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    • Not really.  The various copious texts are thousands of years old.  They formalised the caste system to control the population, to justify dividing and converting it. They have also tampered with the texts and tried to claim them as theirs, hence the fake AIT, now debunked. They have also stolen Sanskrit texts and used the knowledge to experiment with scientific facts.   But the facts are being exposed daily - with the discovery of the Ram Setu and Dwarka City of Krishna.  Now with evidence of temples being destroyed, gold and gems being looted etc.  Essentially they ransacked the country and left India destitute.  The name India was already commonplace as it was Christopher Columbus that went looking for it in 1492 and found America instead, hence naming of the Caribbean Islands, the West Indies. The current Hindu Religion or Santana Dharma has many paths to enlightenment, as everything is considered God.  That gives Dharmics full freedom to practice and interpret texts as we see fit.  Rules that apply to a particular sect/community do not apply to everyone.  Hence the reason for many Dharmas, if you will.  Certain concepts are accepted as being Dharmic, such as karma, reincarnation, the ability to obtain enlightenment in this life rather than believing in Heaven or Hell.  But essentially as we create the Universe through our thoughts, words and deeds, we can create new paths according to new knowledge or science or beliefs. So there should be no arguments on religion and generally there isn't and hence the reason why there has been an empire built on persuation rather than war.  However, it was accepted that fights/wars are usually about money/property/land until foreign invaders decided to force their way in and refuse to leave.      
    • We don't how Maharaj's hukam works in it's entirety.  Man is part of nature too so it is possible that man's interaction with animals creates adaptation. Dogs came from wolves and they would not be what they are if it was not for humans.  
    • No there isn't lol. Sikhi is Sikhi. Hope you realize that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj was also Shastardhari and they still have his weapons. In fact, Maharaj taught Shastar Vidya to Baba Budha Ji who later passed it to Sri Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji Maharaj. Additionally, Hindu used to literally just mean India/Indian. Now it means a follower of Hinduism.   
    • Then there are also two Sikhis, one before Guru Argan Dev ji, and one after after he was assassinated.
    • Sufis are now claiming to be a branch of Zoroastrianism though they do not follow any of their rituals.  Though Zoroaster is also said to be of Hindu origin as they worship Agni, the Fire Goddess and use it in their rituals, as do Vedics.
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