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This Virus didn't happen because someone ate a bat. Im sure there were other factors that contributed to it, 

The 5g does make me wonder. I was driving around last week and roadworks were going on to install fibre lines. How is that key working?? I seen videos of people testing radiaton near a 5g pole and its crazy high so it does make you think if these 5g poles are emitting radiation that is causing us to have some sort of sickness like corona virus symptoms. But then if that were the case how can you justify people catching it from infected people?


All these waves wifi, 5g etc cant be good for the body, so we need to be careful. But the technology is everywhere, you can go out without passing it or even in your own home!

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2 hours ago, SikhSeeker said:

But then if that were the case how can you justify people catching it from infected people?

People catch colds all the time. For the elderly and immuno compromised, it sometimes turns into pnumonia and people die. 

The symptoms are so generic we could be confusing several simple layers, throw in some hypocondriacs and label some heart attacks covid and bam. 

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On 4/5/2020 at 9:25 PM, puzzled said:

I dnt believe what any "expert" says   just look at what's happening to the animals  and then imagine what's happening to our brain 

But i believe a load of random videos on the internet, oh man, i really didn't want to post anything on this thread but the amount of rubbish I've seen linking 5G to Covid-19 over the last few days has been beyond a joke, those people that filmed the videos are filming on mobile devices that let off low levels of radiation, they don't see the irony.

Here's all the tinfoil conspiracy theories condensed into one insane post



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