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The west is not going to do anything to help us take these people to court.

Muhammad Alam and Sanjeev Gupta another two names that sikhs dispise were in the UK not long ago, a organisation called REDRESS (tries to bring to court human rights abusers while they visit countries outside their own) informed the govt that these 2 were named by amnesty international as human rights abusers an should be arrestted as such.

The police and govt had called these 2 with 48 other indian oifficers to teach the brits how to deal with terrorism!!! When they heard this complaint by redress first they said i was not their fault as they had not chosen the people to come over... then later they tried to deny that these 2 were even in the country!!

Eventually nothing happened, they went home scot free! Only thing was... they took a message home with them from around 30 youth who found out where there convention was happening, and delivered a few mssages from the outside as to the sikh feeling for these guys ... they also asked gupta to deliver messages to gill as well next time they met :wub: unfortunetly the indians turned down the invitation to come outside and speak one to one with the young singhs now that they were on british soil.

I believe one comment which appeared in he press from one of the officers was, 'had they been in india we would chopped their legs off by now'!! So you can tell they enjoyed the commentary from outside!!

I think there might be a thread on here somewhere,

from when this happened.

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<admin-profanity filter activated> pida <admin-profanity filter activated> (KPS) gill is the indian <admin-profanity filter activated> who after operation bluestar cold bloodedly tortured and murdered Sikh youth, the excuse was to "crush the insurgency". there are hundreds of pics of Sikhs who were tortured after 84 and STILL kps gill denies it, i mean the <admin-profanity filter activated> has a website where he has labelled various Sikh outfits as terrorists threats to indian security. He is one evil man and he murdered countless Sikh boys, in such disgusting ways, he will never get forgiveness. (one pic i saw was a GurSikh who had been dressed as a woman no.gif :wub: ) it was disgusting seeing one of our own treated lyke that. But as we all know, Akaal Purkh knows what is happening and he will make change and punish these criminals.


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