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Guru Sahib's horse cures paralysis of a muslim

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16 hours ago, Akalifauj said:

1.  Guru Sahib horse is not here anymore.  What the nihangs say is that these horses are from the same blood line of Guru Sahib horse.

Admin Note: Read forum Rules. We do not allow any jatha bashing. 

The choice is yours!

don't spoil the topic bro.

A horse at hazur sahib cured paralysis of a muslim and u hv started to bash nihangs.

live and let others live.

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Where do they keep the horses at hazur sahib now?  Because the first time I went in 2003 the horses were kept in a stable near the gurdwara    but when I went 2 yrs ago the horses were not there.  They also used to have a sarovar at hazur sahin but that's not there anymore either.   A lot has been changed  and been moved   I guess it's because there is so much sangat there now.   When we went in 2003 sangat was a lot less 

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