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Have I missed something who is this sikh dr who cut his beard

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1 hour ago, Premi5 said:

Can you give me a source /historical precedence for your first sentence?.

I cant at the moment. But the fact that we can go pesh and panj pyare are lenient if its due to medical emergency proves that we can. 

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On 5/11/2020 at 2:41 PM, RajKaregaKhalsa1 said:

you certainly, absolutely do not need to be hardcore at all for this scenario. Just make your own mask. Instead this guy has gone on the  media and some think it's a praiseworthy act to sacrifice your faith.

yeh i agree. Theres so many sikhs that sticked to their maryada instead of living. that is just sikhi. not "hardcore sikhi" like wat even is that

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    • The more butch one 😁😁
    • How will they decide who gets to go first during the parkarma? Who holds the parna, in the case of AK, when both the participants are the same sex? Nevermind, I don't want to think about it.
    • The Paki kids would openly insult the Hindu kids, but i'm not sure why but they bit their tongue a lot more when it came to the Sikh kids! even though Sikh kids were like a tiny minority in my school. the poor hindu kids got a lot from the pakis though.  Yeah i remember during one cricket match the Paki boys marched through the playground shouting slogans like "India is a b@stard" throwing their hands in the air. You know how they do elections in Pakistan it was like that.  Cricket matches were crazy, remember the world cup where India won against srilanka? where it was India vs Pakistan in the semi finals, think it was 2011, during the semi final that was like a huge event in out school! many of the teachers even cancelled the lessons and put the match on their laptops! India won anyway lol!  i didn't know much about Sikhi back then and i came wearing a orange Nike t-shirt with a backpack with a massive khanda on it 😄    should of seen the faces of the Pakis when they saw that.  On that very day, I also i remember very well a huge big fat Punjabi girl pinning me against the wall and scratching the hell out me because i called her FAT   😄      i was going out with her cousin lol!      that girl was enormous!  my neck had scratch marks and blood!   never call a fat girl fat!  once you're in her clutches, wedged between the wall and her belly  its quite a task freeing your skinny self from it!!  
    • It really is a sad state affairs, looking at the direction things are going then it is likely a day will come where Gay Anand Karaj will happen, people might doubt that, but watch it's going to happen. But i have faith in our youth and I'm sure they will take action just how they did when the interfaith Anand Karaj kept on happening, they took action and the Gurdware committees realized they had to cancel the interfaith marriages.   There are Gay Vicars, Immams, Pandits in the news these days etc    Hindus have already started having Gay weddings, its on youtube and its horrific.  Reading the article just look how sacred Anand Karaj was, Singh would take Amrit before Anand Karaj and it would take place in Amrit vela, just look at what people have reduced it to in todays time ...
    • there is an upsurge in the number of narcissitic personality disorders in western hemisphere , fed by the social media trends ...it was only a matter of time .
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