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1984 and Khalistani magazines that were censored or taken down. Anyone have them?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I was browsing online trying to learn more about 1984. I realized many websites were taken down (such as neverforget84.com) and the downloadable content that was hosted on servers lost. I'm trying to find some of these magazines but can't find them anywhere. If anyone has physical copies (I think they were only sold as physical copies) or downloaded ones, can you post them? I'll post some of the ones I'm looking for below. Thank you, sangat ji.

  • Singh Soorme Magazine Edition 1
  • Singh Soorme Magazine Edition 2
  • Singh Soorme Magazine Edition 3
  • AM I KHALISTANI? Magazine (don't know how many editions there are)
  • SINGHA DE KAARNAME (don't know how many editions there are)

If you have any very old magazines from around 1984, or ones that are censored in India, please try to post them too. 

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11 hours ago, KhoonKaBadlaKhoon2 said:

I have been looking for Vangaar, Sikh Shahadat, Fatehnama etc myself. Sikh Shahadat does have a lot of archived ones. Fatehnama you can contact them from Facebook etc. Send me a DM, if I get further updates, I will let you know. 

In my family, we have dozens of old magazines, I will try to get them online one day. 

Thank you, ji. I’ll check out Shahadat and DM Fatehnama. If I get any updates, I’ll post it here. It would be great if you could digitize all the old magazines and upload them here because otherwise they’ll be lost from our history. I’ll DM you.

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6 hours ago, puzzled said:

Iv got this at home   got it from my local gurdwara before the lockdown



Exactly one of ones I was looking for. Unfortunately it’s not available in Gurdwaras in Canada as it seems to be a UK based project. It was also sold only in print. 

Would you mind scanning it and uploading it here for everyone to read?

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