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www.sikh-history.com another Sikh resource lost forever?


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Was trying to access this website which I had been reading up on important information about sikh history for over 20 years and realised its no longer available?

Done a little research and seems like since mid 2019 it's stopped being hosted maybe the owner doesn't realise its no longer there or is unable to pay for costs of hosting it any more or maybe has passed away?

Just a shame that these important resources of Sikh theology, political and history that have been online available for free since 90s are being lost gradually sometimes forever. It's like our own online version of sikh reference library being destroyed because of our own kaum's collective carelessness and negligence in not preserving these sites for present and future generations.

Sikh-history.com among others no longer available and being hosted, all the important material for research lost forever. Other sites include:

  • searchsikhism.com
  • Khalistan.com
  • burningpunjab.org
  • fortpanthkhalsa.org
  • sikhe.com
  • sikhlionz.com
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