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Who come khalsa yodha in 2020

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21 hours ago, ipledgeblue said:

I don't understand, is Khalsa Yodha an event?

I'm guessing OP is a young guy who's being hyped up by prophecies detailing the return or the emergence of a Sikh warrior to lead the Panth in 2020. I guess most of us have been there one time or another. I grew out of it after the 12th successive year of the leader of our little group convincing us that "this" year was finally when it was going to happen. We were young kids and we started to suspect we were being taken for a ride. 😅😁

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jesus christ will lead us in his second coming 😄 

he will break the cross and crescent , suggesting he never was abrahamic in the first place

jesus in reality is short of "Jesvir Singh" , he was a singh with a blue dumalaa , not like how they depict him open haired in paintings.


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