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singhbj singh

Time to own the narrative

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KhalisHouse Publishing created for aspiring young authors who specialize in producing high-quality books on the Sikhs and Panjab For submissions and proposals please get in touch via info@khalishouse.com


Don't fall prey to the predatory instincts of the revisionist. Know your history, know your culture, know your people. Share it with the world.

Writing is an art form. Create your masterpiece.

We were made masters of both the Kalam and Kirpan. Weild the power of both.

Originality is an act of pure creation. Aspire to be original.

Khalis is a versatile word of Persian origin. It means free or independent, as well as pure in Arabic. Khalis forms an integral part of our vision for publishing books.

Start the journey. Just write.

The sacred land and waters of Panjab hold the glorious stories of the Guru's revolution. Time to reclaim our history.


The manuscript for our first publication is scheduled to be ready later in the year.


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