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Why do peke people of certain punjabi sikh women have this trait of calling her n times in a day ?

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I don't understand this , the scenario is typical though. Its some 4-5 sisters, one of them marries outside punjab. 

And now the lady who has married out of the punjab will be called by her sisters and parents from back home and she too will call them.

Its understandable, if one talks over phone like once or twice a week, but 2-3 times per day . What research are you doing ? Is this some high-level business call ? petty things ! 

and often the janani things of the sisters back home getting full reports of how its in her saure and giving tips on how to control the husband and sass . 

We have women with such petty mindsets 


one more observation is most punjabi sikh women have these entitlement feeling of getting a guy for husband who is 100x of what her own status is . No wonder every baandri from punjab village dreams of marrying a NRI . even if she hasn't completed beyond high school 

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A lot of people who recently move to the UK often call their relatives back home several times a day, not quite sure why they do this. My mum rings our relatives in India like once a week or once every 2 weeks. But people who recently moved abroad call several times a day. 

My cousin from Punjab lived in the UK for 10 years and then moved back and he used to call his parents at least 3 times a day! and it usually would be the "hor phir, hor phir, hor phir" conversation. Most the time he would ring his family once we were out of the house, and he would end the call when we came back.

I don't talk to my relatives in India on the phone because they talk to me like Im a 5 year old but then at the same time they tell me that they've found a girl for me. 

My thaiyee gets over melodramatic and tells me that when she hears my voice over the phone it feels like cool breeze going through her ear. 

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If you're going to pull this kind of crap after marriage, my advice, don't get married, it's not for you. Seriously. Don't. 

And advice to guys, be sure to make this kind of thing clear. Understandably, every relationship is different. And especially in the beginning of the marriage, the girl is going to want to talk more to parents, all cool. But that's where you draw the line. It's not about "regulating" what the girl does, but setting up boundaries in your marital life.

If she doesn't understand this, Walk Away. We need strong women in the Panth. Not weak minded girls who feel the need to call their parents 3 times a day lol. What kind of example are they setting for their daughters?

And why in the blue hell do parents keep calling their daughters after marriage on a daily basis? If you're going to do that, then don't marry off your daughter. Keep her at home. Seriously. If a guy was that attached to his parents, he's a "mummy's boy". The hypocrisy! Grow some balls people. Enough of this bull crap.

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I can understand the emotional pain must be there to leave dear parents and move onto a totally new home where you call 2 strangers mummy ji daddy ji . And in case of arranged marriages, even your spouse is a stranger lmao.

Home sickness must be a real thing for married women , but the thing is watsapp , video calls and technology in general helped people keep in touch with each other. Women of past generation, our mom's era didn't have this privilege. Many a times they were married to drunkard men , and couldn't go back to peke creating a drama because they worried about their father's pagg , and often times these women when married out of punjab itself would miss their parents and family much, without any technology at the time.

girls nowadays wont understand this 

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