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    • After going through the entire thread. I have come to the conclusion, that given the present time. Firearm training is the most practical and essential form. However, a world wide law need to passed so that a Sikh can keep a firearm and carry it just like a kirpan. Is this possible?  
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2mtYzCj4BZP9HKq9zHHYjZR/would-you-eat-chicken-grown-in-a-lab   What everyones thoughts on this? No animals are killed in the process (apparently) Would you eat it?  
    • Here is an English and Punjabi Lekh on Raag-Naad-Dhuni that should shed some light on this subject - http://brahmbungadodra.org/bookdata/bookpdf/Lekh_6_Rag_Naad_Dhuni_JKSV.pdf lmk if it helps 🙂
    • Guest Musa
      As muslim of Pakistani heritage, I have nothing but love and respect for my Sikh brothers and sisters. I have had the privilege to visit a few gurdwaras including one in Lahore. It is a shame that there are many racists in our world and that such people hold positions of influence. Opening Kartarpur is important and people  from both sides of Punjab should interact with each other more.  
    • aim big, however don't let career take over your life as it did for previous generations who migrated to the uk. They let career take over and didn't teach gurmukhi or sikhi to their children, or presevre kesh, they were too busy making money. We need to change and preserve sikhi instead of concentrating on money all the time. I want to change career as well so that I can spend more time on sikhi....
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