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Bomb Scare at Gurudwara & Death Threats

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as far as i know only a few of the people went to the pubz not all.....and what your saying is right..there was no need to terrify the innocent poeple but the b'ham rep and the play writter were asked sevral time to either change the play setting and things or not show it full stop they didn't listen...they didn't listen wen the protest was peacful but they sort of listened wen the violence came....the b'ham rep and the play writter sudn't have let it get to the violent stage we sudn't have let those people get into the peaceful protesters and cause violence so we all lacked but in the end due to those violent people the play was cancelled....

going away from the violence that occured on the day....

i have inside information the the b'ham theatre not b'ham rep but b'ham theatre and london theatre are wnating to shows the play in their theatres in the new year if this does happen i hope young sikhs from across the uk will get together and hold a peacefull prostest and hopefull keep out any violence i will keep you posted if i have any more info on this.....

Exactly my point. Some people who do not give two hoots about Sikhi and like to visit the pub were involved in the violence. They are a disgrace. They think they are real soorme for the pathetic violence they undertook. They are nothing but a bunch of pathetic na

rrow minded jokers.

I hope people would stop trying to compare the actions of these morons with those of the brave shaheeds of the past. Khalsa warriors never attacked to terrify people and most certainly did not hide in crowds after consuming alcohol to throw missiles at windows etc.

If these pub visitors were so concerned about Sikhi why were they visiting pubs (I doubt they went to buy a few colas).

So what the play has been taken off but now we have all the arty brigade bosses of theatres up and down the country offering to stage the rubbish play. The writer is being built up like a great white heavyweight hope. The only people who have come out of this badly are the Sikhs. The media has branded us as thugs etc.

I for one hope the Sikhs of Birmingham and elsewhere become more active in politics. That is the only way to beat the buggers at their own game. The Brummie Rep should have its council funding withdrawn or strict conditions put in place so plays such as bezhti are never shown there again.

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Coming back to the issue......

Has anyone contacted the BBC to report bomb scares and death threats against gurdwaras and Sikh leaders?

Don't let this go unheard!

given the beebs historican bias anti sikh coverage i dont think they would take it serious.

I think somone should get the death threats, scan them and put them online as evidence. we only hear about the threats against the play writer, lets do better than "i heard, he said, bbc said"

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The rep theatre were told to cut out the gudwara scene and they (gurpreet bhatti) refused point blank.. so the demonstrations were staged.. the rep were told of this first!

The violence kicked off.. on saturday.. and because of the negative media coverage.. its hyped up into a big thing.. There was not large scale violence..

But forgive me if im wrong.. but the play has been stopped.. hence the beadbi has been stopped.. and if ppl would now just let this lie.. and learn from mistakes then everything may be ok..

This is turning into a copy of the Salmond Rushdie play ages ago with the muslims..

And no offence but ppl are saying "do this" "that could have been done better".. I agree in hindsight that it could have been dealt with differently but end of the day the rep and the writer were given every chance to change the play and take out the gudwara scene and change it to a community centre... but they refused so we had to do what was neccessary to stop it beeing shown!

And telling the BBC about the death threats wont change anything.. they wouldn't really care.. A news reporter on central news today said that the play in now one of the most famous plays at the moment and she'd want to go watch it if it was ever shown again to see what the fuss is about.. IS this what we want???!!

Were publicising the play too much.. I say let it drop now because more people are interested in seeing it and a lot of white ppl are curious as to what its all about..


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Dont remember any of the guys coming from pubs either shaheedkhalsa!!!

It is not 2 broken windows which has led to this type of reaction. It is the unbelievable press coverage, i.e unbeliveably iresponsible coverage which has led to this!

From what guys in bham are saying, the local papers are taking it as christmas come early! Only today showed those cartoon things showing a broken window and a singh holding a rock! If images like that are not going to incite racisim against the sikhs then what will?? Its also shown the 'hidden' undercurrents of our great not-so tolerant and multicultural society!

The press wont care a jot, they just gonna say you deserved it! But one thing i will say for the cartoon though... its about the closest representation weve seen for the total degree of 'violence'.

I repeat lets look at this in context.... 2 broken windows... 1 broken door!

3 police guys with MINOR injuries (bumps?)

3 arrests for public disorder (this can include people swearing, being drunk etc)

Not exactlly riots is it! Especially as right next door we have Broad Street, which has been described as the Uk ibiza, i.e. where people come to get drunk, fight and pick up girls/boys. In fact this is the same broad street that had one of its major restaurants LEAVE because it was getting too violent and dangerous, and it didnt want to ruin its company rep by being associated there! Would love to see the figures for an average weekend's broken windows, police bumps as they wrestle with drunks, and arrests for public disorder! Oh and dnt forget all the blood from smashing glass bottles in people fa

ces etc! Good old clubbers RIOTING and INVADING and ATTACKING Broad Street Clubs weekened after weekend!

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looks like all of you are blaming this on a few sikh,

who started the violence,

instead of staying united,

and standing up to the media,

and all the anti-sikh people,

it's seems that some of you feel that everyone is justified in attacking sikh,

after a few sikhs started some violence,

pretty sad,

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Right stop it now!!!

If we are gonna come out of this with any positive outcomes we have to remain united and close ranks. These anti-sikh scumbags are very united even the asian coconuts (majority hindus) involved in the media are supporting attacks on us.

We have positives already acheived.

1 - The outrageous play stopped for the mean time

2 - More awareness about Sikhs and their religion, let the westerners critically examine and explain our teachings and history and see what they have to say for themselves.

3 - Active young Sikhs involved in protests

4 - Learning about the machinery of the media and its tenticles

5 - People of other faiths also backing our right to protest against these so called "freedoms of expression" when in actually fact they are freedom to offend and insult ethnic and religious minorities.

I could go on and on....please add to list as appropriate. From some negatives we also get positives so capitalise on them and make your self more involved in politics and media.




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