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Thoughts on what will happen to Jaggi Singh Johal?

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Honestly, god help him. But he needs as much support as he can get. About time people see the sh1t indian gov does

I have a little more hope now that Bhagwant Maan has become CM, he has spoken in support of Jaggi in the past and his right to a fair trial, time will tell if he's a man of his word though.

Last few days there's been alot of awareness for Jaggi in social media and even USA republicans senators have shown support. Its been 1000 days now. What do you think will happen to him? Had he n

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There was a law that was passed (I think a couple of years ago) by the then-Home Secretary, Sajid Javid. If I recall, it came about as a result of a succession of stabbing and shooting terrorist attacks in the heart of London. The legislation was clearly designed to placate the masses.

The law itself was centred around the idea of deporting the immediate family members / or "colluding" spouses of the perpetrators. Predictably, it was greeted with enthusiasm by the masses, but I remember at the time being quite concerned about the wording of the legislation, and I thought to myself, "I bet India could lean on the UK to deport Sikhs whom it considered to be threats to their national security."

Seems I wasn't far off. They say that the implications of laws introduced in response to an emotional situation don't fully reveal themselves for years or decades later. It seems India is determined to eliminate any overseas political dissent. That's very dangerous.

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 I agree. Any communtiy needs a 2.1 TFR to increase their population, and a 2 TFR to have a stable population. Muslims dont have a 5.2 TFR. In the west they have a  >2 TFR. Even in afghanistan their TFR is not close to 5.2. Its 4.6 there, and its common as many kids die due to lack of medical attention and war. 

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    • WHY?  Do you think I haven't figured out that our fudhoos like prancing about at any given opportunity by now?  I don't get the vid? Was he trying to ask her out for a date in the maximally fudhoo way possible?   Who were the other panchoday he roped in for his synchronised 'bruin' bundhoo dance? 
    • @dallysingh101 @MisterrSingh @proudkaur21 must watch lool
    • We need to squarely face that given our current numbers, we'll have to deal with 'economies of scale' so we'll be unlikely to be able to sell at prices comparable to similar mass produced mainstream items that have a large consumer base. I think the above sells at around £20 for instance. I'd say we have enough exemplar career types right now, we need to connect kids to their heritage more than this in whichever way we can.  You point about relatability depends on where the kids are growing up and the character of Sikhs around them.  I don't know about the current generation, but in the recent past there were strong, brave Sikhs who confronted things like race attacks etc., so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch. Plus I noticed that a lot of Sikhs seem overtly 'nerdy' in the US - outright braces, cheesy gormless grins and bifocals - parents should take take to sharpen them out of this at a young age if they can. Was talking to someone who was thinking of trying produce some kids books, and the point about having puerile, non-based sakhis came out, the conclusion was that such works need to incorporate a slight gritty dark edge to avoid the kids turning into unrealistic lulloos when older.  Been thinking about that graphic novel I posted about previously, it's such a shame that the diaspora panth (who would be the main consumers) couldn't forkout the £9000 being asked for. That's like £3000 each from the UK, US and Canada - where we all know we have plenty of loaded apnay. If anyone reading is one of these loaded apnay - please support and fund these things and maybe have one less flash motor or slightly less designer clothes. 
    • They are identify culturally Hindu but non-believers in God. Usually liberal brahmins psychos in India journalists, Gandhi supporters.  noticed too with Punjabi left liberal journalists too anti Sikh but religion in Panjabi
    • Those toys of regular jobs aren't profitable from a purely business perspective. When have western toys been relatable to bache?
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