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Thoughts on what will happen to Jaggi Singh Johal?


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There was a law that was passed (I think a couple of years ago) by the then-Home Secretary, Sajid Javid. If I recall, it came about as a result of a succession of stabbing and shooting terrorist attacks in the heart of London. The legislation was clearly designed to placate the masses.

The law itself was centred around the idea of deporting the immediate family members / or "colluding" spouses of the perpetrators. Predictably, it was greeted with enthusiasm by the masses, but I remember at the time being quite concerned about the wording of the legislation, and I thought to myself, "I bet India could lean on the UK to deport Sikhs whom it considered to be threats to their national security."

Seems I wasn't far off. They say that the implications of laws introduced in response to an emotional situation don't fully reveal themselves for years or decades later. It seems India is determined to eliminate any overseas political dissent. That's very dangerous.

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