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Guest Circumcised Pakistan

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so allah told the prophet to marry kids?   

Yeah,  Allah also told him to marry his adopted sons wife ... 

Why a nine year old? I find it extremely disturbing cause she probably hasn't even gone through puberty and then.........

1 hour ago, PureStudent said:

Wow the ignorance on this forum is outstanding.

It's apparent some Sikhs find Islam\Muslims threatening and then go out of their way to iether misquote the sources to prove pathetic points such as the one on this thread or simply go for the " they are killers and look how they killed our ancestors" 

Young marriage (at the age of puberity) has been common in all cultures and religions and only stopped in the last 150 years or so. Islam is no different however Islam puts a condition of the concent of the legal guardian of the girl to concent to the marriage before making it valid, in other words allows the people of each time period to chose the correct age of marriage.

The haddith about the age of Aisha are contradictory, although most Muslims will state her age was around 9 when she got married no one makes this an article of faith. Her marriage was also arranged by an older women and was agreed to by Aishas father, which proves it was a normal practice at that time.

Guru Gobind married a 12 year old. although he was a minor himself but for someone who is God incarnate or a perfect example, this is questionable ? it was valid as it was the norm of that time.

btw Muslims don't believe those marriages are valid now, and it is illegal to marry young girls in all Muslim countries. 

Either the current "laws" or Mohammed was wrong, which is it?

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Guest BanMuslimPureStudent
9 hours ago, PureStudent said:

most Muslims will state her age was around 9 when she got married 

Unbelievable how you as a Pakistani Punjabi Muslim don't have the intellectual or moral honesty to condemn a 54 year old like Slavemaster Muhammad as an utterly evil and thoroughly depraved rapist for having sexual intercourse with a 9year old child (Aisha)

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5 minutes ago, PureStudent said:

Do you support the child marriage of Guru Gobind ?

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaja? Covered above, and yes different scenario entirely. 


21 minutes ago, PureStudent said:

“Pakh Padho Kalma Rab da Muhammad nal Milay.
“Ho Ya Mashuk-e-Khuda yeda ho ya Yallah”

Recite the Kalma of the Creator adding to it the name of Muhammad.
Who is the beloved of God by dedication of his very self to Allah. 
(Bhai Bhala’s Janam Sakhi p.14)


ditha nur muhammadi, ditha nabi rasool
Nanak qudrat dekh ke, khudi ghei sab bhool.

"I have seen the Light of Muhammad (with my mind's eye). I have seen the prophet and the messenger of God, in other words, I have understood his message or imbibed his spirit. After contemplating the glory of God, my ego was completely eliminated."

Bhai Bhala’s Janam Sakhi

We are all forgiven when we dedicate ourselves to Akal Purakh. 

The Light of Muhammad is not a reference to Muhammad. 

We can put you down for pro chomo, pro forcible marriage via murder, and anti Dasam Granth and anti Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaja. Anything else?

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