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PIZZAGATE, Yewtree, peodophilia


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42 minutes ago, Sat1 said:

. Corona was a man made virus as confirmed by Trump unleashed onto us, massacring our elderly. Wars, biological warfare, they’re capable of wiping us out. They say they’re planning WW3, better to be prepared. 

When did Trump say this ? And who benefits from a World War ?

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3 hours ago, Akalifauj said:

Its called branding products and services to a certain company/owner.  Also sex sells, so branding a company with a symbol helps people recognize who made it and brings up certain feelings that will help sell the product.  The same is true with ideas.  Calling people who follow the dress standard of Gurbani as Muslims, sexist, saying men and women are equal, etc all such phrases are said to distract the mind from the true message of Gurbani and latch on to a slave mindset that is rooted in extremist feminist ways. Poster @Sat1 used this very technique to take away from the true message of Gurbani.  This poster has a brand to sell on this forum.  Jay z and beyonce are selling a brand by attaching a symbol. 

You were commenting on women showing abit of skin not running around in bodysuits and thongs like these women. Stop detracting off the issue of peadophilia and twisting this to suit yourself when there’s actual Work to be done. This universe doesn’t revolve around you, way bigger fish to fry. 

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54 minutes ago, Harditsingh said:

we have to destroy these ppl 

The thing is that they’re getting away with it. Comet Ping Pong Pizza, the establishment in contact with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton has reopened and still posting subliminal Peadophilic messages on their insta page. The people involved aren’t even being investigated. 

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10 hours ago, Sat1 said:

Has everyone heard of Pizzagate? At the moment A lot of people have been looking into peodophile rings run by the US government, actors and actresses and the elite. Their symbols are everywhere, on toys, on tv, on people’s Instagram feeds. I found some on Aishwarya Rais Insta page. Alot of things happening presently that show the truth of what the elite and governments actually are and do. 

There was operation Yewtree, Jeffrey Epstein and John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and many more including Prince Andrew have been linked to peodophilia. John Podesta and Hillary were put under the spotlight when Wikileaks leaked thousands of their emails to the public. There was also the Wayfair scandal where missing children were being sold under the guise of overpriced wardrobes. 

Here are a few links I found. I don’t know everything about it but it looks serious And has been going on for a long time. When celebrities talk about pizza, pasta, icecream etc for no real reason in their movies and Instagram feeds, it’s usually peodophilia related. 

The symbols are on company logos eg Walls, Magnum and seen on on Disney toys and cartoons. Disney actors and also singers like Bieber and Ariana are known to do the love heart symbol with their hands symbolizing their pedophilic affiliations. It’s truly sick and very sad.


Some people say it’s a conspiracy theory, and some of it may be, but there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary and previous convictions of celebrity peadophiles and the prevalence of peadophilia in catholic religious institutions and govt organizations strongly suggests otherwise. 












image.png.9be7c900dd90286b87303313a3662042.png Walls Icecream logo


On another note, Masonic and satanic symbols incorporated into the logos of some of the worlds most prominent companies. It could be a conspiracy theory but doubtful 




In regards to pedos etc many in Holywood have been raped and tortured from young children to their late teens,  the most well known is corey feldman, he was abused for years. This stuff is nothing new , just people are becoming more aware.

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