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    • by welleducated you mean 'loosey goosey' with maryada and rehit , we are talking faith not physics/chemistry etc  and for faith to be there you have to believe in the institution of Anand Karaj, in Guru ji , in sikhi as is . It is not condescending to point this out as that is the basic minimum requirement for a sikh wanting to partake of the blessing of Anand Karaj . The OP' s own parents did not marry by the frankly ridiculous manner they are suggesting , it is trying to say that western mores of 3rd wave feminism have more weight than Guru given maryada which is insulting in the highest manner .  Yes if they do not want to do the right thing by sikhi maybe they would be better off having a registry marriage and knees up just like their folks want , sure it doesn't make for the best photo album , but you cannot have everything .
    • Guru Nanak Dev ji  explained the birth of our universe stepwise (Arbad Narbad dhundukara ) , that there are countless planets and stars (Patala Patal lakh agasa agas), there is repeated cycles of of big bang and crunch(keh baar pasario pasar) , all well before the first telescope was developed during  the period where the prevailing thoughts on Earth was that it was the centrepoint of the universe and the sun and moon turned orbit around it in the western canon and middle eastern canon. Of course , Guru ji also talked of fish that lived in trees (which detractors thought impossible but is a reality in South American jungle only discovered during eighties ; that there are lifeforms living inside stones and many other natural phenomena which have since been confirmed . I wouldn't worry about the veracity of Guru ji , just be grateful that you have been born in a time where you can listen to his guidance and follow it . Abrahamics had exposure to the truth but they chose to obscure it to hold onto worldly power under the influence of maya , I wouldn't worry about their confirmation or rubberstamping our Guru ji's truth , But pray that Waheguru ji opens their eyes and minds  again.  
    • Ideally we wouldn't have to run off to these countries.
    • Oh and get this. Apparently there was a great slaughter at the first thanksgiving that broke out over exactly this, and that thanskgiving is symbolic of that after the prolonged violence stemming from that subsided. Call it..a ritual meal. To remember that by.  And this type of um..greater religous freedom in the new world was that the mayflower pilgrims brought.  Kalyug bro. Like you never wake up and expect to have that conversation. 
    • If some crazy thing goes down like I said I heard above I think we will be surprised the variety of people who will not say that even if it means death and those that will. You would have seemingly religous and totally non religous seeming people walking both ways.  If violence ever comes Degh Tegh Fateh. Especially our Bhenji. Please make it so we can recognize you. 
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