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On 9/11/2020 at 8:25 PM, Dsinghdp said:

Although we’re 25 million yet Sikhi is so big - I mean 10 Gurus, Shaheeds, Mahapurakhs, 5 Takhats.

The spirit of the Gurus in Guru Granth Sahib including Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth.

You never stop learning.





Well God did work through the Gurus, and the entire creation Is under his command lol. Not surprising but definitely awe inspiring 

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    • I Read about this, Indian government would rather refuse the oxygen and let people die, their "world super power" ego is too big.  I don't know much about the problems between India and Pakistan, I really don't care tbh, but it seems Imran Khan has made a bit of effort with India, but the Indian government hasn't cooperated. 
    • https://twitter.com/thewire_in/status/1390169520782946305?s=20
    • Yeah that's the one. I've seen it in peoples houses in india, I used to think it was Baba Balak Nath, but then I found out its to do with Guru Nanak Dev jis sons. Do Sikhs believe in that sakhi ?  or is it sects that follow Baba Shri Chand ji ? I wonder if the animals in the painting are of importance? reminds of of Pir Bhudan shah    Thanks. 
    • This forum post talks about it. Has to do with energy during meditation.  https://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/17608-importance-of-tiger-skin-during-meditation/
    • There's a lot of homeless Punjabis/South Asians as well, especially in areas with a large South Asian population like Southall. There used to be homeless Punjabis sleeping under that big bridge near Southall. The Sikh channel helped them I think. Most of them were on drugs. They said when they go to the Gurdwara to eat the management would chase them out. If they asked the management if they can have a shower they would say no. So the Gurdware aren't very helpful!  But the Gurdware probably chased them out because they are on drugs. But its still wrong to chase them out. With all the doctors in our community, you would think some would take time out on weekends and give people advise at Gurdware, but they don't do that ...  We used to have some Punjabi lawyers come to our local Gurdwara to give people advise, but they weren't volunteering they were doing it for money. For a few weeks I volunteered with charity which fed homeless people in the highstreet. Majority of them are on drugs, its hard to imagine them assimilating into society, though its possible.  A lot of homeless people used to eat at our local Gurdwara, but some of them were very rude to the sangat doing sewa, so the sangat had to call the police!  I do feel sorry for these people, I always keep some pound coins in my pocket.     And then there's some fake homeless people who choose to beg because they make more money begging than they would in a normal 9-5 job!   Not far from where I live is a town Windsor, and people go there to beg and then they go  back home in a taxi!  lol!    
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