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10 hours ago, Kaurr said:

Dilruba is one of the most beautiful sounding saaj. 

It's really hard to learn to play. It took me a good couple of weeks until I could make a decent sound out of it. It takes months to be able to play properly.

And your back and finger get very sore afer a while when you first start.

That's amazing how you can play it,  where do you have your lessons? 

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5 hours ago, Kaurr said:

If you get the chance to learn it, I highly recomend it. For raag kirtan, any saaj will sound several times better than the harmonium.

I don't think iv ever seen anyone playing a Dilruba here lol   though I'm sure some people do. 

Instruments linked to our ithiaas should be kept alive.

Harmonium made it's way into india through the white christian missionaries back in the 1800s  so it's a bit ironic that Sikhs use harmonium in kirtan!


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