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    • Jatts did a really good job submitting to Brahmins from the 1980s up to and including the present day
    • Yet you neglected to mention misls that weren't led by jatts (Ahluwalia, Ramgarhia, some also say that the Shukerchakia chieftains were not jatt) You also neglected to name the traitorous Phulkian "misl" that was led by jatts. They can now stake claim to multiple centuries worth of traitorous behavior. The least you could do is not forget them.      
    • Yeah I also "forget" to mention Jassa Singh Aluwawalia, Nawab Kapur Singh Virk, Baba Bhagel Singh etc and your point is?     as you already very well know, I was responding to Ranjit on how Jatts refused to submit to Bahmans which was their key to success and this rebellion resulted in Jatts ruling most of Punjab from the 1760s,  now why would I talk about anyone else if the discussion is about Jatt rebellion against Bamhans?  Why would the original poster talk about other castes when the video is about a Hindu Jatt convert, Manoj Singh, talking about how Sikhi would be a great solution for his community?  What does that tell us? well it tells your a bit off topic on this thread. 
    • You forget to mention Bir Singh Ranghretta, who prior to the Misl period, ie Dal Khalsa, commanded one of 5 Dal's of the Dal Khalsa. What became of him? By the way, isn't it interesting that the original poster didn't suggest that we should appeal to so-called lower strata's of Hindu society to consider Sikhi as a path? What does that tell us?
    • Found this old article from the SYUK annual magazine. It's written by some Punjabi female who was in a relationship with a Gujarati guy, a live in relationship, around the same time people were protesting against interfaith marriages. Its not very often you read these kind of articles. She talks about all sorts, how her parents disapproved but still went along with it, a £2000 lengha which is just bonkers! and how she started falling out with her Gujju lover. She's obviously not a Sikh, just a regular moni, but its interesting a interesting article.  I used to have these SYUK magazines, can't find them now.     
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