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On 9/18/2020 at 3:48 PM, brotha said:

Brother Singh 375,

Of course there are 1 or 2 nasty people as much here, but the rest are all good fellas.


I think this part is speaking of me because I asked for references of @Singh375 claims.  Asking for references and challenging certain views is a healthy way to find a deeper understanding of Gurbani.   I have spent sometime around Gurmukhs and I picked up this way of thinking from them.  I was actually going to challenge his latest post on simran because a few parts were looking very odd.  But I didn't because I knew a few of his fan base will cry out witch, kill this witch.  It may have helped him grow or would have cleared up what he was saying, which may have helped me or another.   

My advice, spend personal time with real Gurmukhs and not the ones in a glass box. The real gurmukhs love the challenges because they search Gurbani deeper to find answers to questions.  I spent time with one so called Gurmukh and he was talking about himself and the conversation never let what he was or seen.  I decided to leave and not a minute later, he was swearing in punjabi.  Full blown swearing.  Let's be real, gurmukhs don't have a need to swear.  They can express their feelings through assertive methods.  


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3 hours ago, Singh375 said:

Thank you so much Sangat Ji for your kind words and blessings. 

We try so hard to explain things in a simple way, then along comes @Akalifauj with his magnifying glass to 'play teacher and mark my work'. You know who gets kirpa the quickest with Simran? It's the people who say satbachan and get on with it.

For 10 years we didn't even do simran, mool mantar was all we did. Anything daas learned about simran came directly from Satguru Nanak Dev Ji.

This is my biggest tip regarding simran:

If you are unsure, or don't know how to move forward - focus all effort on Mool Mantar. Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will personally guide you.

Why do you feel threatened by the questions I ask you? This is a discussion forum.  Asking questions is part of this forum and part of sikhi.  Guru Sahib, bhagats, sants, Gurmukhs, and Gursikhs answer questions with contentment.  Yet you feel scared or feel like I am testing you with my questions.  

I'm getting this vibe that you feel insecure with my questions.   If you don't want to answer them.  I will accept it.  But don't put on a show of how I am to blame for asking questions.  When Sant Jarnail Singh didn't know the answer to a question, he would admit it.  There is no shame in not knowing the answer.  Not knowing the answer is a perfect place to start actual deep meditation as reading Gurbani.  Its basically going down on your knees and asking Guru sahib to answer the question.   And the mind bows to Gurbani once the answer is received from Guru Sahib. 

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