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health and environmental benefits of millets

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My opinion... 

Thas cute, really cute. Unfortunately if millet becomes on a grand level (as Chauna is so far) the Sarkaar will get involved n start looting people thru Millet taxes n other of their usual lut-maar tactics. 

Second problem... Millet will be seen as the BIGGEST problem in India (besides too much tax). What those problems are? Well, I have no idea... BUT it will be seen as a huge problem n burden of sorts. 

Bhul chuk maaf, 

My opinion. 

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kind of related 

Birds eat insects, but with the destruction of trees/habitats and wetlands, Punjab has seen a huge drop in birds and migration which will only naturally see a increase in their natural prey, pests. 


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Its the same with floods, trees prevent flooding. Trees create water routes, but when you cut 100,000s of trees or millions of trees the water just comes flooding down. Soil that trees grow in also absorb water, replacing the soil with concrete and buildings will leave nothing for the water to be absorbed into. 

In some town in Himachal Pradesh back in the 60s i think they had a lot of flooding, they then planted 1000s of trees and over time the floods stopped.

Need to stop messing the habitat up, everything is there for a reason.  

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