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The Age of Kalyug Thread

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Non-binary 'human dragon' who's spent $83,000 on horn implants, ear removal and tongue splitting wants to find love - despite planning on having their male genitalia removed

  • Tiamat Legian Medusa, 60, from Texas, spent $83,500 to 'become a dragon' 
  • The performance artist used to be Richard, and was diagnosed with HIV in 1997
  • They identify as part human and part 'venom spitting dragon' 
  • Removed ears, split their tongue and now want to remove their genitalia 
  • Looking for love, but they don't want a partner with any body modification

Legion was born Richard Hernandez, and before beginning their transformation, they were a successful VP at a bank. They were diagnosed with HIV in 1997 and decided to change their lifeTiamat Legion Medusa, 60, from Texas has spent more than $83,500 (£61,000) on modification surgeries including ear removal, tongue splitting, castration and countless tattoos, pictured now

Pictured: Richard at the beginning of their transformation, when they still had ears and a human nose. Bit by bit, they have gone to extreme lengths to change their appearance



Legion, pictured, has been single for 12 years, but still hopes to one day find love. However, they said they want their future partner to have zero body modification



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Philip Schofield of all people behind all these Kalyugi stuff. Though the signs where there many years ago, stuck in a BBC broom cupboard with his hand up Gordon the Gophers a**! 😂😂

Be careful never to unknowingly succumb to the Abrahamic narrative. Their "God" and Satan dichotomy is irrelevant to us. As far as they're concerned we're destined for Hell until we take Jesus as our

Way to fraud your way into the women's olympics and lose. Lol. Nicely done bro. Someone wants to a "woman" great. She can do that I'm not trippin. Enter a sporting event? Dude.  You're a dude.  Not co

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The edible insects coming to a supermarket near you

By Natalie Lisbona
Business reporter, Tel Aviv

15 hours ago
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Locusts at Israeli firm HargolIMAGE SOURCE,HARGOL
image captionHargol farms its grass-fed locusts in northern Israel

It has long been suggested that we should start eating insects to help the environment, but for many of us it is not a palatable thought. One Israeli firm is hoping to win over the squeamish by adding different flavourings.

Dror Tamir opens a packet of brown, jellied sweets. "Try one," says the boss of food tech firm Hargol.

The little gummies are packed with protein, but not from soy or gelatine. They are instead made from an edible, jumping insect - locusts, which are a type of grasshopper.

"Grasshoppers taste like pecans, mushrooms, coffee and chocolate," adds Mr Tamir. "But with our range of food we can add in different flavours… the gummies come in orange and strawberry flavour."

image captionDror Tamir has had a passion for grasshoppers since his childhood

The Israeli entrepreneur says he became fascinated with grasshoppers as a child, after hearing stories from his grandmother, who was the cook on a kibbutz, or collective farm.

"I learned about the 1950s, when Israel suffered from both food insecurity as well as locust swarms flying in from Africa and destroying the crops," he says.

"While most kibbutz members ran to the fields to scare the grasshoppers away, the Yemenite and Moroccan Jewish members collected tons of them to eat.

image captionHargol's sweets don't taste of grasshoppers

"That's when I learned that grasshoppers are food for billions around the globe."

The insects have long been eaten by communities across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Middle East, but for many people in Europe and North America it remains an unwelcome thought.

Mr Tamir hopes to change all that, and his firm is about to introduce a range of products. In addition to the sweets there will be energy bars, burgers and falafel balls.

If you are still not convinced that insects will ever become part of the Western diet, some experts believe there may be eventually no choice due to environmental concerns and projected global population growth.

By 2050 the world population is expected to reach 9.8 billion, up from the current 7.7 billion.

A locust at Hargol's facilityIMAGE SOURCE,HARGOL
image captionWould you be tempted to try eating locusts?

With another two billion people to feed, some say that traditional farming will not be able to keep pace. And that, at the same time, switching to insect protein will be far better for the environment than rearing cows, sheep and other mammals.

"Protein is essential in our diets," says Prof Robin May, chief scientific advisor to the UK's Food Standards Agency. "But often some of our most protein-rich foods come with significant environmental or ethical footprints - meat or dairy products, for instance.

"Some insect proteins, such as ground crickets or freeze-dried mealworms, are cheap, easy to farm, low fat and have a lower environmental impact than meat.

"And sometimes they may even provide a valuable 'recycling' service, by consuming waste products as their primary feedstuff, so the potential advantages to society are significant."

image captionIn addition to grasshoppers, food products containing mealworms can now also be purchased in the UK and EU

Yet Prof May also cautions that some questions remain regarding the eating of farmed insects.

"The way that insects are farmed and the relatively short time in which they have been used as agricultural animals means that we know far less about insect-derived foods than we do for, say, beef," he says.

A key question at this stage, he adds, is whether some insect proteins may prove to be allergenic or to have significant impact on the human microbiome - the bacteria and other microbes that live inside our bodies.

Mr Tamir is convinced that the environmental and health benefits are enough of a reason to make insects part of the diet.

Fried locusts on a plate in ChinaIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
image captionInsects are already eaten in many countries around the world

His firm farms its locusts at an indoor, solar-powered facility in northern Israel. The main species that it breeds is the migratory locust, but it also farms the desert locust, and a bush cricket called nsenene.

"We can breed 400 million locusts a year in our facilities," says Mr Tamir, who adds that the insect takes just 29 days to become fully grown.

He claims that compared with beef production, locust farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 99%, water consumption by 1,000 times and arable land usage 1,500-fold.

Mr Tamir is also keen to point out that locusts are both kosher and halal, meaning that they can be eaten by both dietary observant Jews and Muslims.

Presentational grey line
New Economy

New Economy is a new series exploring how businesses, trade, economies and working life are changing fast.

Presentational grey line

Whether you can actually buy edible insects to eat depends on what country you live in. In the UK, you can buy them from online firms such as EatGrub and Horizon Insects, although the sector would like the UK government to remove expensive regulation.

In the European Union, both the migratory locust and yellow mealworms, the larva of a beetle, were deemed fit for human consumption this year.

French firm Ynsect makes a range of protein powders made from mealworms that are already found in some brands of energy bars, pasta and burgers.

Chief executive Antoine Hubert says the protein is "completely natural" and "a less processed alternative" to many mammal-based meats, such as sausages, hams and breaded chicken products.

image captionAntoine Hubert says the protein is a less processed alternative to sausages and breaded chicken

He points to a recent study from Maastricht University showing that insect protein is as beneficial as milk protein. "Both have the same performance on digestion, absorption and on the ability to stimulate muscle production," says Mr Hubert.

Yet Bridget Benelam, communications manager at the British Nutrition Foundation, says more research is still needed. She echoes Prof May's concerns about potential allergies, saying some people may be allergic to eating insects in the same way that others have an adverse reaction to shellfish.

She points out that some unanswered questions remain around the safety of consuming some types of insect, which could potentially transfer toxins or pesticides to humans. "These are some of the barriers that need to be overcome if eating insects is to become truly mainstream."

Back in Israel, Mr Tamir admits that "the yuck factor" is one of his industry's most important challenges. "But I am convinced it will soon be widely accepted, just like eating raw fish in sushi was embraced."

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Italian priest is arrested for 'stealing more than £85,000 from church funds to buy drugs for gay sex parties in his home'

  • Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, is under house arrest as investigations continue
  • Police have spoken to 200 people said to have attended parties over two years
  • Police began investigation after reportedly finding priest's flatmate had imported a litre of 'date-rape' drug GHB
  • Parish accountant discovered £85,000 had been withdrawn from bank account 
  • Spagnesi also allegedly solicited donations from wealthy parishioners 
  • Lawyer said priest had confessed to supplying drugs and would confess to theft
  • Neither Spagnesi nor his flatmate have been charged with any crimes 


Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, from Prato near Florence, is under house arrest on suspicion of theft

The priest had initially claimed that the missing money had gone to families in need, but later admitted he suffered from a drug addiction



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3 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

Italian priest is arrested for 'stealing more than £85,000 from church funds to buy drugs for gay sex parties in his home'

  • Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, is under house arrest as investigations continue
  • Police have spoken to 200 people said to have attended parties over two years
  • Police began investigation after reportedly finding priest's flatmate had imported a litre of 'date-rape' drug GHB
  • Parish accountant discovered £85,000 had been withdrawn from bank account 
  • Spagnesi also allegedly solicited donations from wealthy parishioners 
  • Lawyer said priest had confessed to supplying drugs and would confess to theft
  • Neither Spagnesi nor his flatmate have been charged with any crimes 


Father Francesco Spagnesi, 40, from Prato near Florence, is under house arrest on suspicion of theft

The priest had initially claimed that the missing money had gone to families in need, but later admitted he suffered from a drug addiction



By the catholic standard, gold medal for that guy not going after kids at least. Which does not get you jailed ironically. 

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Academic who tried importing child sex doll from China avoids jail after police found child abuse images on his computer following customs tip-off

  • Malcolm Young was put on the radar of Northumbria Police buying the sex doll 
  • 61-year-old's purchase was intercepted by Border Force officials, raising alarm 
  • Following an eight day long trial, a jury found Young guilty of all five counts 

An academic has been caught with child abuse images after buying a child sex doll from China that looked like his ex-girlfriend.

Tech professional Malcolm Young was put on the radar of Northumbria Police when he attempted to import the 3ft2, flat-chested doll, with clothing and accessories, in 2017.

The 61-year-old's purchase was intercepted by Border Force officials who told detectives of their concerns about the package.


Tech professional Malcolm Young was put on the radar of Northumbria Police when he attempted to import the 3ft2, flat-chested doll


Officers visited Young's home in the East Woodburn area of Northumberland to question him about the doll and seized his computers and phone.

Undated handout photo issued by Northumbria Police of a child like sex doll imported by Malcolm Young, the former academic and businessman


The electronics were reviewed and officers uncovered indecent images of children on his computer that Young had tried to delete.

Young, of East Woodburn, Northumberland, was charged with four counts of making indecent images of children and one count of tax evasion, concerning the doll.

He denied his guilt and tried to convince a jury at Newcastle Crown Court that he purchased the small doll, not based on its likeness to a child but because it resembled an athletic female body type.

Prosecutor Graham O'Sullivan told the court: 'He said he had ordered a doll that looked like an ex-girlfriend, that he had cancelled, and had not ordered any child sex doll.'

Young had also claimed that the deleted images found on his device were not his but may have been made by people visiting his home while attending parties.

Following an eight day long trial, a jury found Young guilty of all five counts.

The court heard the charges related to one Category A image, the most serious, two Category B and 35 Category C.

He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, suspended for two years, and was ordered to carry out rehabilitation and has been subjected to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Also, he must pay £9,480 prosecution costs.

At his sentence hearing today, Christopher Knox, defending, said Young, who had been living in Spain and has a boat there, made his money through tech industries.

But Mr Knox added: 'He has had a very successful career that has been totally destroyed.

'He won't be able to be employed by anyone ever again in the fields in which he has excelled.'

Judge Stephen Earl sentenced Young to 18 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements.

Young was even photographed with former Prime Minister who came to the opening of his company e-Therapeutics.

The judge said Young had 'lost a lot', including a 'chancellorship at the University of Newcastle', due to his offending and added: 'His fall from grace is long and hard'.

The judge added: 'This whole issue came to light as a result of the fact the defendant had ordered what can only be described as a child sex doll.'

Judge Earl said Young had claimed in his defence he had not wanted a child sex doll and had cancelled what he ordered, which was a doll he 'wanted to look like Dawn, his former partner'.

Young was even photographed with former Prime Minister who came to the opening of his company e-Therapeutics

Young was even photographed with former Prime Minister who came to the opening of his company e-Therapeutics



The judge said Young had produced pictures of 'Dawn' during the trial, who was described as a 'small adult'.

Detective Constable Alison Felton led the investigation for Northumbria Police and said after the conviction Young thought he was 'above the law'.

She said: 'This has been a long and protracted investigation involving the making of indecent images and the importation of a child-like sex doll.

'We are committed to making sure that offenders are brought to justice, no matter who they are or however long it takes.

'Young thought that he was above the law. He has taken no responsibility for his crimes and the jury saw through the preposterous account he gave to the court.'



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Now the Lancet CANCELS women: Fury as leading medical journal runs 'dehumanising' and 'sexist' front-page describing females as 'bodies with vaginas' to placate trans lobby

  • The Lancet has described women as 'bodies with vaginas' on the front page
  • Critics have accused the medical journal of sexism and dehumanising women 
  • Term initially used in an article titled 'Periods on Display' published this month



A leading medical journal has come under fire for describing women as 'bodies with vaginas' on the front page of its latest edition.

The Lancet was accused of sexism and dehumanising women after it editors used the term, which was written in an article titled 'Periods on Display', on the journal's front cover in an attempt to be inclusive to trans people.

The article, which was published on September 1, examines an exhibition exploring the taboos and history of periods at the <banned word filter activated> Museum in London and sees the writer use the word 'women' but also use the term 'bodies with vaginas'.  



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On 9/23/2021 at 3:04 PM, Premi5 said:



Sabina Nessa killing: Met Police investigate stranger attack theory

2 hours ago
Related Topics
image captionSabina Nessa was found near the One Space community centre in Kidbrooke

Police are investigating whether Sabina Nessa was killed by a stranger as she walked to meet a friend at a pub.

The body of the 28-year-old teacher was found by a member of the public in Cator Park, Kidbrooke, south-east London, on 18 September.

Officers believe she was attacked shortly after leaving her Astell Road home at about 20:30 BST last Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, Det Ch Supt Trevor Lawry said: "The streets are safe for women."

He added: "People should be free to walk around free from fear and officers are here to make sure that can take place."

Asked whether police believe Ms Nessa was attacked by a stranger, he said: "That is definitely a line of inquiry that we are looking at."

A man in his 40s was who arrested on suspicion of murder the day after Ms Nessa's body was found was later released under further investigation.

media caption"The streets are safe for women" – Det Ch Supt Trevor Lawry speaks to reporters

The police press conference was held on the same morning London mayor Sadiq Khan said violence against women was a national "epidemic".

Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain, he said: "Between last year's International Women's Day and this year's International Women's Day, 180 women were killed at the hands of men across the country.

"We do have an epidemic when it comes to violence against women and girls."

He called for violence against women to be treated with the same level of priority as counter-terrorism.

Map of Sabina Nessa route

Police have not yet established a motive for the attack on Ms Nessa, although they do not believe the killing is linked to any other incident in the area.

A post-mortem examination into the cause of the 28-year-old's death was inconclusive, the Met said.

Asked for any details about how Ms Nessa died, Det Ch Supt Lawry said he could not release any information "at this time".

Forensic officers searching near the scene where Sabina Nessa was found
image captionOfficers searching near where the 28-year-old teacher was found

Ms Nessa was killed on a short walk to meet a friend at The Depot bar.

The five-minute journey to the pub would have taken the teacher through Cator Park, near where her body was found.

Ms Nessa's sister paid tribute to the "beautiful, talented and caring" teacher on social media.

"Never in my life did I or my sisters or my mum or dad think this could happen to us," she said.

A vigil is due to be held in Ms Nessa's memory on Friday evening.

The gathering is being organised by a Kidbrooke community group with the support of Reclaim the Streets, which held a vigil for murder victim Sarah Everard in Clapham Common that ended in mass arrests.

Police said they would be part of the vigil on Friday.

Related Topics

Is this a race attack? 

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6 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

Is this a race attack? 

I doubt it . I know the area well , never had a problem . 

She was not  a Hijab-wearer 

She passes as black also. Men usually attack men, not women in race-attacks. 

I think this goes back to the Sarah Everard thing. Don't like all this 'women's safety' stuff being pushed by the media again to demonise men. 



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2 hours ago, Premi5 said:


I think this goes back to the Sarah Everard thing. Don't like all this 'women's safety' stuff being pushed by the media again to demonise men. 

I think women are unsafe in many parts of england myself. And there does seem to be a slew of murders along these lines lately. 

I spoke to young, mixed race relative of mine recently, and he told me many of his (mainly white) female colleagues at work, who've started to go out to the usual places post lockdown, are telling him that there is a new, desperate thirst by men, and many of them are complaining of being forcefully approached or groped at bars etc. 

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Claudia Webbe: MP made threat to send nudes of woman, court hears

1 hour ago
image captionWestminster Magistrates' Court heard Claudia Webbe used a misogynistic insult against Michelle Merritt and threatened her with acid

An MP threatened to send naked pictures of a woman to her family because she was jealous of her friendship with her partner, a court has heard.

Claudia Webbe, 56, also allegedly used a misogynistic insult against Michelle Merritt and threatened her with acid.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard Ms Webbe, who is an independent MP for Leicester East after being suspended by the Labour Party, was in a relationship with Lester Thomas at the time.

She denies one charge of harassment.

The threats were made during 16 phone calls between 1 September 2018 and 26 April last year, the court heard.

"The reason for the harassment would appear to be the fact that Michelle Merritt was friends with Lester Thomas and this was an issue for the defendant Claudia Webbe," prosecutor Susannah Stevens said.

She said Ms Webbe made a string of short silent phone calls from a withheld number to Ms Merritt, who told the court she had known Mr Thomas for more than 15 years and was "good friends" with him, having previously dated.

'Should be acid'

Ms Merritt, giving evidence from behind a screen, said: "There was a pattern that whenever I had even met with Lester Thomas, if we had gone out for a drink or something, there would be a phone call.

"When you are being called and no-one answers, it's unnerving, especially as a woman who lives alone."

The court heard the harassment "escalated" on Mother's Day, 31 March 2019, when the MP asked Ms Merritt about her relationship with Mr Thomas.

Ms Merritt said Ms Webbe told her she was "Lester's girlfriend" and then "really started shouting, 'Why are you contacting Lester?'"

"She was very, very angry at me. It was loud," Ms Merritt added.

The 59-year-old said Ms Webbe used a misogynistic insult, adding Ms Merritt "should be acid".

"She confirmed she knew where I lived and would send pictures and videos to my daughters," Ms Merritt said.

Ms Webbe - who entered the Commons in December 2019 and worked as a councillor in Islington between 2010 and 2018 - denies making any such threats.

Ms Merritt told the court she called police, saying: "I have been threatened by a public figure with acid over the phone."

Ms Webbe was warned by officers in April 2019, but magistrates heard claims she continued to make further calls to the complainant - who recorded one after ringing her back on 25 April last year.

In the call, played in court, Ms Webbe is heard repeatedly telling Ms Merritt to "get out of my relationship", adding "I have seen all of your naked pictures. I will show them all of your pictures".

Paul Hynes QC, representing Ms Webbe, suggested his client contacted Ms Merritt to tell her she and Mr Thomas should not be breaking Covid-19 lockdown regulations together from the end of March.

However, the complainant said Ms Webbe did not ask her about breaking lockdown rules.

Mr Hynes said: "You have conducted a little campaign against Ms Webbe, haven't you, because for whatever reason you didn't like the fact she was in a relationship with Lester Thomas?"

"You are incorrect," Ms Merritt said.

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Ex-Rochdale footballer jailed for 24 years for child rapes

6 hours ago
Jonathan Diba-MusanguIMAGE SOURCE,GMP
image captionPolice said Jonathan Diba-Musangu met most of his victims through a church in Rochdale

A footballer has been jailed for 24 years for "gruesome" sex attacks on six victims as young as seven.

Jonathan Diba-Musangu, 23, who used to be on Rochdale AFC's books, raped the seven-year-old girl in 2012.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) also said he raped a 12-year-old girl at a summer camp four years later.

He was jailed at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court for 12 offences including three counts of rape of a child under 13 and two counts of rape.

Diba-Musangu, of Fernhurst Street, Chadderton, was also convicted of two counts of sexually assaulting a child under 13, two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three counts of sexual activity with a child.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said he met most of his victims through a church in Rochdale where he taught Sunday school and music classes.

He also worked in focus groups for young adults alongside his budding career as a footballer.

Diba-Musangu, a semi-professional goalkeeper for Rochdale AFC in the mid to late-2010s, was arrested in 2018 when he played for Mossley FC.

Det Insp Julie Maxwell, of GMP, said: "It's taken immense bravery for these victims to come forward and cooperate with us as we pieced together his gruesome acts.

"Diba-Musangu abused his position of power within the church and may well have had a successful footballing career ahead of him before the work of detectives have led to where he is now - behind bars."

An NSPCC spokesperson said: "The victims in this case have lived with the devastating impact of being abused as young girls by Diba-Musangu. "

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Human trafficking kingpins who made millions smuggling hundreds of Polish slaves into the UK and forcing them to work for 50p an hour are jailed for more than 15 years

  • Corrupt recruitment firm boss David Handy was only UK national to be charged
  • Worked with Mateus Natkowski and Lukasz Wywrinsk as part of a slavery gang
  • Around 400 workers were trafficked into Britain with false promises of wealth 

Three kingpins of the largest human trafficking ring ever busted in the UK have been jailed for more than 15 years after forcing hundreds of Polish slaves to live and work in appalling conditions.

Corrupt recruitment firm boss David Handy, 54, and accomplices Mateus Natkowski, 29, and Lukasz Wywrinsk, 38, were members of a gang who forced Poles into slave labour while paying them just 50p an hour.

The trio made millions trafficking 400 workers into Britain with false promises of wealth and a better life before being made to live in squalor.

They were forced to reside in dirty bedsits across the West Midlands while working for a pittance and were beaten or threatened if they refused to work or complained.

One man was paid just £10 for working up to 13 hours a day for three weeks, while their exploiters kept the rest of their hard-earned wages.

The gang were convicted following three trials in the UK's largest ever modern slavery prosecution and what is believed to be the biggest of its type in Europe.

Handy made almost £1 million supplying slave labour to parcels firm XDP sent to him by their Polish gang masters.



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The Rise of Online Child Pornography Demand in India


Child pornography has dangerously increased amidst Covid-19, and Pornhub is where most child-porn addicts now vent their sexual desires.


 February 1, 2021
The Rise of Online Child Pornography Demand in India f

"it's tough to explain why I want someone to escort her"

Child sexual exploitation has been a major problem since time immemorial, and during the pandemic child pornography, it has uncontrollably increased, making the Internet unsafe for children and adults.

In a global compilation of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) reports, India is the top-country, with 11.7% of the total reports, followed by Pakistan.

Recent statistics by the India Child Protection Fund (ICPF), demonstrates that the consumption of child pornography in India has spiked by 95% between March 24 and 26, 2021.

The ICPF also found out that, on average, there were 5 million downloads per month, with an increasing demand for violent content involving children.

Amidst lockdown, netizens, including child rapists, paedophiles and child pornography addicts, have started to satisfy their sexual desires online, on websites like PornHub, which attracts 3.5 billion visits a month.

The website has recently been under heavy investigation for its involvement in child pornography, sex-trafficking, and rape videos, following a detailed report by The New York Times.

Mastercard and Visa even took action against the company by blocking all payments to the site, resulting in Pornhub removing several explicit videos uploaded by unverified users.

On Pornhub, users mainly search for “child porn,” “sexy child” and “teen sex videos,” clearly showing their sexual preferences for minors engaging in such activities.

International agencies such as Europol, the United Nations and ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) have also reported increasing paedophiles who target children by befriending them online and later lure them into performing sexual activities through photos and videos.

Measures for Parents to Protect Children

During an interview with Mashable India, Dr Mary L. Pulido said regular communication is fundamental. Parents should talk regularly with their children about internet safety and social media.

Clarifying this point, Pulido said:

“The NYSPCC advises parents to discuss this issue with their children.

“Though seemingly uncomfortable, even young children have shown the capability to grasp concepts of sexual abuse and body safety if the age-appropriate language is used.

“Frame the discussion around ‘body health and safety’ rather than ‘abuse’, which might be less scary, and discuss ‘private parts’.

“Discuss the two kinds of touches, safe and not safe, using these terms instead of ‘good/bad’ to make it clearer for the child.

“For example, sometimes a good touch – vaccination in the doctor’s office – can feel bad and a bad touch – inappropriate tickling/fondling – can feel good.

“Focus the conversation on the fact that they must tell a trusted adult right away if this ever happens to them. What’s important is that the child feels comfortable speaking up.

“Address the issue of secrecy or threat that some perpetrators use with children to keep them quiet. Reinforce with the child that it’s never their fault if they were touched or photographed in an unsafe way”.

If a child is victimised, Dr Pulido also suggested contacting law enforcement or whatever system is set up in your town, region or country, to deal with these crimes.

How do Indian Parents talk about Rape and Sex?

The Rise of Online Child Pornography Demand in India-girl

Everything related to sex is considered taboo in South Asian society. Paradoxically, India is regarded as one of the unsafest countries for women, with a serious rape problem.

Girls and boys do not tackle sexual topics out of fear, authoritarian parents, or simply because they find it awkward to open up.

As a result, there is an image of South Asia and India as being quite sexually repressed in the western world’s imagination.

Delhi-based child psychologist Dr Parikh said that Indian parents have started having these conversations with their children more openly than before. Still, it is not as widespread as it should be.

Besides, education makes a difference in terms of parents’ comfort and belief in talking about these things.

To better explore how much parents choose to tell their children, Journalist Nikita Mandhani gathered different voices across India.

Mona Desai, mother to an 11-year-old daughter in Mumbai, did not want her child to be exposed to a lot of news and conversations about rape and sexual assault.

“When she was five, I explained to her that she needs to be aware and alert about what is happening to her and around her.

“Then about two years ago, she read about ‘rape’ in a book and asked me what it meant.”

“I didn’t go into any graphic details but explained that it meant somebody was abusing someone else or violating the privacy of their body in an unacceptable way.

“My daughter and her friends are appalled and shattered about what happened to the eight-year-old girl in Kashmir.

“Sometimes, she asks me if the world out there is like this or whether this is a one-off incident.

“She gets scared, but she is also at that age in her life when she wants to push her boundaries for independence.

“So, it’s tough to explain why I want someone to escort her wherever she goes or why I want her to dress more conservatively in northern India.”

Sunayana Roy, mother of two sons, aged 11 and 3 in Bangalore, has discussed these issues with her older son.

“I have spoken to my older son about incidents of rape and sexual assault a few times.”

“He reads the news sometimes so I choose to frame conversations on consent and violence around incidents in the media.

“I have also always discussed women’s issues with him. I think as an upper-class Hindu male he needs to be aware of these concerns and realise he plays a role in bringing about change.

“I think it’s important for my sons to be aware of rape culture. Sexual violence is one of the biggest fears of women around them, and thus ultimately impacts everybody’s lives and behaviour.

“Sexist jokes, phrases and thoughts are called out in our household and examined for how damaging they can be.

“I don’t shield my sons from the news. However, I do let them bring these topics up for discussion rather than imposing these conversations on them.

“Maybe my children don’t always understand the full meaning of what I’m discussing but it’s enough for me that they know that to their mother such behaviour is not acceptable.”

Before the Nirbhaya case, India had always been dormant about rape culture across the country.

Rapes involving educated women attacked by strangers have always been high-profile, but what about poor and lower castes women?

According to Journalist Kalpana Sharma, they are the most vulnerable and targeted victims in India, and usually, they know their rapists very well.

Sharma also added that there is great outrage at the violence in urban areas because they are familiar to many people.

The way perpetrators are punished is also concerning, as only about a third of rape cases reported to the police result in a conviction.

Manisha is a South Asian Studies graduate with a passion for writing and foreign languages. She loves reading about South Asian history and speaks five languages. Her motto is: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
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    • that sau sakhi tale is based on Guru Gobind Sigh's bachan after Singh was carried off battlefield unconcious and  injured by Musley and they cut his kesh and tried to convert him: bytrying to feed him  Halal Meat (please note those who think nothing of eating meat in 'halal friendly' eateries ) , doing sunat (circumcision) , reading shahada and even marrying/offering a muslim woman to him. Because he did not take the last option up Guru ji said he was NOT a muslim and could do pesh and rejoin his sikh bretheren.
    • https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/18/pm-urged-to-enact-davids-law-against-social-media-abuse-after-amesss-death   Potentially an attack on our online freedoms. IF, this includes forums such as these, I will be very reluctant to post again   PM urged to enact ‘David’s law’ against social media abuse after Amess’s death Calls for crackdown on threats to public figures and an end to online anonymity   A notice keeps David Amess’s seat in the Commons free. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/AP   Jessica Elgot Chief political correspondent @jessicaelgot Mon 18 Oct 2021 19.59 BST             Boris Johnson is facing calls to enact “David’s law” to crack down on social media abuse of public figures and end online anonymity in the wake of the killing of Sir David Amess. Dozens of MPs paid tribute in the House of Commons on Monday to the veteran Conservative backbencher who was stabbed to death on Friday, shedding tears, sharing uproarious anecdotes and venting anger over his death.   While police are investigating whether there are any links to Islamist extremism and have not connected the killing to the targeting of MPs online, allies of Amess said he had voiced growing concern about threats and toxicity within public discourse as they demanded a crackdown. Campaigners have warned, however, that ending online anonymity could put whistleblowers and pro-democracy campaigners in authoritarian regimes at risk. Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, told the Commons that “civility in politics matters” but “we must not lose sight of the fact that David’s killing was an [alleged] act of terror on the streets of our country”. Mark Francois, who described Amess as one of his closest friends and his political mentor, vowed he would dedicate his time in parliament to overhauling the rules governing social media. Francois told the Commons he was “minded to drag Mark Zuckerberg [CEO of Facebook] and Jack Dorsey [CEO of Twitter] to the bar of the house … if necessary kicking and screaming so they can look us all in the eye and account for their actions or rather their inactions that make them even richer than they already are”. He said MPs should radically toughen up the pending online harms bill to prevent trolls and other abusers hiding behind pseudonyms. “In the last few years David had become increasingly concerned about what he called the toxic environment in which MPs, particularly female MPs, were having to operate in,” Francois said. “He was appalled by what he called the vile misogynistic abuse which female MPs had to endure online and he told me very recently that he wanted something done about it.”   A man understood to be Ali Harbi Ali is filmed on CCTV walking down a north London street last Friday. Photograph: Sky News Francois, the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, which neighbours Amess’s Southend West constituency, added: “I suggest that if we want to ensure that our colleague didn’t die in vain, we collectively all of us pick up the baton, regardless of our party and take the forthcoming online harms bill and toughen it up markedly. “Let’s put, if I may be so presumptuous, David’s law on to the statute book, the essence of which would be that while people in public life must remain open to legitimate criticism, they can no longer be vilified or their families subject to the most horrendous abuse, especially from people who hide behind a cloak of anonymity with the connivance of the social media companies for profit.” Bernard Jenkin said MPs should also examine themselves when discussing civility in politics, a nod to some of the disturbing language used during Brexit debates. “Which of us has never felt fallen prey to feelings of contempt or lack of respect or unkindness towards those who oppose us? Which of us can honestly say we cannot do better?” He said kindness should be added to the seven principles of public life. “Henceforth, let kindness be known as the David Amess principle of public life.” Amess, an MP for 38 of his 69 years, was stabbed to death while holding his constituency surgery in an Essex church. Ali Harbi Ali, 25, was arrested at the scene and continues to be detained under terrorism laws. The government intends to pass an online safety bill introducing new obligations on social media companies to regulate illegal and harmful material – though there has been significant controversy over how that can be defined. Compliance will be monitored by Ofcom and the bill is expected to start its passage after pre-legislative scrutiny set to report back in early December. Paying tribute to “one of the nicest, kindest and most gentle individuals ever to grace these benches”, Johnson said Amess’s killing struck at the heart of the ordinary democratic work of MPs. “That Sir David spent almost 40 years in this house but not one day in ministerial office tells everything about where his priorities lay,” he said. “He was not a man in awe of this chamber, nor a man who sought patronage or advancement. He simply wanted to serve the people of Essex, first in Basildon, then in Southend. And it was in the act of serving his constituents that he was so cruelly killed.” Starmer said: “Even as a political opponent he was a man and a politician we could all learn much from. I use that phrase – ‘political opponent’ – very deliberately. Because David held his beliefs passionately but gently. I believe that not only can we learn from that but that we have a duty to do so. Civility in politics matters.” Starmer spoke to the parents of Jo Cox, the Labour MP murdered by a far-right terrorist in 2016, on Friday, he said. “I knew they would be reliving that terrible day. They said to me they were thinking of David’s family and how their lives would be changed forever,” he said. Cox’s widower, Brendan Cox, also said it was a moment to reflect on political discourse and a “day-to-day brutality with which our political debate is conducted, from increasingly regular death threats to online abuse”. The police team convened after his wife’s murder to investigate threats against MPs found 582 reports of malicious communications and handled 46 cases of harassment between 2016 and 2020, he said. Nine cases were classified as terrorism-related.
    • I have lost people in my life close to me. The feeling you have is emptiness.  The person filled a gap in your life which is missing.  In the modern world, we think of death of being separate from life, but it is in fact part of life. As you get older and you attend more funerals this is something you begin to accept. What death has taught me is that it is "finite" in this particular life that I am currently in now and I should be living it and live it better. If I live this life better and more fulfilled then I will either merge with the Akaal or live the next life at a better level.  Whatever Maharaj in his hukam has accepted for me is good. If I can leave this world accomplishing what I set out to prior to entering this life then I can leave this life with some level of Santhoki.  Your wife came into this world and set out to achieve whatever Maharaj in his hukam chose for her. She has achieved what she was set out to do and has moved to the next level. Cherish the moments you had with your wife. 
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