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The Age of Kalyug Thread

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What a coincidence. My homicidal tendencies are attracted to "minor attracted individuals" ... it's all just love.. oneness...with my blade and a can full of gas. It's all good baby. Oneness. Yeah any

Did he just admit to the fact that his crew and his family make 5hit up and pass it off as history? This is what they call "chutzpah." Complete and absolute confidence. This is real power: the ability

If you want to subvert a society, you manipulate the women. Women as individuals are shrewd and cunning but collectively they can be sheep like.  Men are quite simple and straightforward in

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How many years do you folks think we have until Western Sikh organisations try to gaslight us into believing that any Sikh who's against the kind of activities described above (basically child abuse stemming from a pathological desire to conform to specific socio-political ideologies) is anti-Sikh and evil? 

I give it 12 months. 😅

Btw, when she says her SON wants his WILLY cut off and wants a VAG constructed out of his COLON but it smells like a colon, that "smells like colon" she's alluding to means, "The "colon-vag" smells of literal 5hit. Tatti." Let that sink in. 

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