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    • It's even important to realise that most of ancient texts , ancient meaning here pre 500 BC are so old that the context they probably are centred around got lost in passages of time.  So all you have left is a piece of a wider puzzle and although translations are done , I swear some of these Upanishads especially oldest ones are so riddlesome it takes a nice context to understand them. For instance , brihadaranyaka (big forest) Upanishad , one of the oldest , starts with mention of a sacrificial horse , metaphor for creation.  While today the text is almost universally taken as a vedantic and spiritual philosophical treatise,  it's important to remember this upanishad itself is a text within another brahminical ritual text called "shatpatha brahman".  So it might not have been a ritual-less, philosophy oriented text 2500 yrs ago.  Point is : if the context and culture of the scripture is lost , it will become very difficult to retrieve its original message.  Take in terms of Guru Granth Sahib, if suppose all traces of  bridal culture were lost , how would one make understanding of suhagan concepts in GGS. 
    • The difference between the Rajputs and Jat  (they are largely the same stock) is that Rajputs accepted Brahmin authority whereas Jatts didnt. 
    • Why do you reckon that's become a trend; this desire to dodge certain responsibilities and perpetually extend adolescence? I don't think it's something that's unique to us, by the way. I think it's happening to males across the world. Maybe a frustrated or petulant reaction to the slipping of the veil that we do in fact live in a female-oriented society with its requisite values (despite what the TV and other sources try to gaslight us into believing otherwise)?
    • Wasn't Ravaan a Brahmin though? Considering he was Brahmas great grandson or something like that.  Tamils and other southern people are quite anti Bamhan. 
    • Yeah I had to remind my mother not to go around and give samosas and jalebia to our Tamil neighbours on Dushera and Diwali !!  
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