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Tory councillor suspended after racist comments

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10 hours ago, Niara said:

He is expressing a view of what the majority of people in the UK think in general.



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15 hours ago, Kaurr said:

Aren't we immigrants as well, in a way?

Of course we are! Or we are the descendents of recent economic migrants. 

But a certain type of hypocritical whitey (e.g. many of those in Australia, US and other nonwhite territories that have been usurped by europeans) - is wilfully blind to the fact that they themselves are 'immigrants' or their descendents (well more like hostile invaders). Take Australia for example, where a big portion of the white population descend from 'transported' convicts. Sure some of them may have been political prisoners but the majority weren't. England basically off-loaded a lot of their degenerates and scum out there. 

Even up to recent times they would send orphans there to bolster white numbers (many of whom were sexually abused after arriving - presumably because of their vulnerability)? 

My point was in response to you 'minority rules' point. Underneath the facade there seems to be deep seated fear by many white europeans about their 'races' future survival. That will probably lead to their true nature coming out, as we can see in the US.  

I don't think 'minority rules' like you are suggesting. And if the politics of recent decades has curtailed white supremacy somewhat - that can very easily and quickly change. 

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